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PARTsolutions / PARTcommunity4Enterprise - Administration Manual


Edition V11.00 SP12, 08/2021

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Table of Contents

1. PARTsolutions Administration / PARTadmin
1.1. Launch
1.1.1. Client authorization rights
1.2. Structure and functions of user interface
1.3. PARTsolutions
1.3.1. Language selection
1.3.2. Installed modules
1.3.3. CAD integration
1.3.4. Catalog update Catalog update Online Launch Welcome tabbed page Catalog update tabbed page Download tabbed page Preferred Catalog tabbed page Check project changes in detail (after the installation) Check project changes in detail (before the installation) PARTupdate - Notification on available catalog updates Catalog installation / Catalog update: Offline Before the catalog installation Check and Compare Catalog versions
1.3.5. ERP environment
1.3.6. Material
1.3.7. Document types
1.3.8. Index administration Function overview User interface of the Index administration at a glance Icons and display in the index tree Commands Generate new display index Update display index Cleanup versions Geometry import Docking "Index update" Context menus Overview of context menu commands Context menu commands in detail Geometrical search index Dependencies between software update and update of Geometrical search index Manage fingerprints Create partition map Update Full-text search index (and Geometrical search index) for finding topological values via Full-text search Geometrical search index for Partial search Index administration at the client computer and/or in user mode Display in user mode Restricted configuration options and commands Index administration - Background information Repair geo, topo or partial index
1.3.9. PARTapplicationServer installation/configuration General Overview Multi Site Installation Performance Multi-Site Installation Connection of external departments (HomeOffice) Caching methods for data storage and operation Licenses for the PARTapplicationServer PARTapplicationServer - Installation Set up PARTapplicationServer as service PARTapplicationServer - Configuration Rights administration DSGVO General possibilities of data query Data query via Dashboard Data processing during login Data processing when accessing ERP database Catalog Online update Logging FLM server Tabbed page "User databases" Tabbed page "Windows" Tabbed page "ERP (plinkusers)" Tabbed page "Assign rights" Tabbed page "Rights" AppServer client: Configuration The respective keys and values of the configuration file Key combinations and values of the single GUI options Global and local specification of the settings - Privileges for Admin Caching on client side or at secondary locations AppServer Service: Configuration Tabbed page "Port configuration" Tabbed page "HTTP Authentication" SSL encryption Make certificate available via Windows certificate store Make certificate available via file Show server state Configuration file for the AppServer Server configuration Site-Setup-Sync Caching index files of $CADENAS_DATA on PARTapplicationServer LinkDB queries Updates of ERP search index Logging of LinkDB changes Manual update and initial creation of LinkDB search index PARTapplicationServer Dashboard Set up ERP on PARTapplicationServer Overview on client connection mode to link database and login mode in PARTdataManager Example 1: Database connection via AppServer and manual user login Example 2: Database connection via AppServer and automatic user login Example 3: Direct database connection and manual user login Example 4: Direct database connection and automatic user login Troubleshooting More information
1.4. License administration
1.4.1. Open License administration
1.4.2. License Types
1.4.3. Clients "General" tabbed page Hostid sources Use FLM server "Licenses" tabbed page (Single workstation) Entering licenses... (Single workstation) Check licenses... (Single workstation) Change licenses (Single workstation) "Protocol" tabbed page "License product preselection" tabbed page "Request licenses online" tabbed page
1.4.4. FLM server "Connected servers" dialog area Configure freshly installed license server "Licenses" tabbed page (FLM) Entering licenses... (FLM) Check licenses... (FLM) "Security" tabbed page "Named User" tabbed page "Checkouts" tabbed page "Access control" tabbed page "Events" tabbed page "Protocol" tabbed page "Status" tabbed page "Statistic" tabbed page Tabbed page "Request licenses online" Notes on compatibility of different versions Changes with V11 SP9 Changes as of V10 Changes as of V9.03 FLM-Server - V9.03 + V8.1 - Different scenarios
1.5. eCATALOGsolutions
1.6. Translations
1.7. Configuration files
1.7.1. Editing of configuration files in PARTadmin User interface at a glance Export in text file Filtering blocks and keys Editing blocks and keys Adjust key values Activate key / Deactivate key Editing blocks, keys and key values Additional functions in $CADEANS_DEFAULTUSER Additional function with activated $CADENAS_SITESETUP
1.7.2. Editing configuration files on file level Translation of "Short description"
1.7.3. $CAEDENAS_DATA/datasetup avoid_parts.cfg classsystem.cfg Limit classification to projects, directories, catalogs replace_std.cfg General settings Settings on project level Settings on directory level
1.7.4. $CADENAS_DEFAULTUSER and $CADEANS_USER exportdlls.cfg - Export options partconnection.cfg Key "StartupMode" Key "SynchronizeMode" Key "ErpMode" Key "ErpCondition" Key "ConnectionMode" Key "SkipHoleValuesFilter" Key "IgnorePrecisionOfHoles" Key "ReplacedParts" Key "WarnOnConnectionTypeSwitch" Key "UseTableRestrictions" Key "SkipLengthCalculations" Key "AlphaMode" Key "FormatInch" Key "ValueRangeResolveDepth" Key "ComputationIterations" Key "RecentFiles" partsolu.cfg Block [PROXY] Block [INDEXTREESEARCH] Key "SHOW_MISSING_INDEX_HINT" - Suppress note at missing search indexes Block [Common] Key "IsAdmin" - User mode partupdate.cfg Block [Common] Key "ShowInExcludeListButton" - PARTadmin Online-Catalog update: Show only specified catalogs pdatamgr.cfg Block [SettingsIndexTree] Key "HiddenItemToolbarEntries" - Set buttons in search result list visible or hidden via configuration file Key "PreviewPerLine" - Search results: Show line preview images Keys "DefaultCellSize" "MinCellSize" "MaxCellSize" - Adjust minimal and maximal tile size in the Symbols view Block [PARTCOMPARESETTINGS] Key "DisplayGeoDistances" - Tabular Compare - Display geometric similarity Block [ASSEMBLY] Key "automaticRecalcAfterFileOpen" - Configure mode for part recalculation Block [OPTIONS] Key "HIDEMODI" - Nominal thread and/or Core diameter in PARTdataManager Key "CAPTION3D" - Change title in 3D view prjdependency.cfg - Project dependencies in diagram form psolopt.cfg Block [Settings3DPane] Key "cpCoordinateSystem" Key "forceShowConnectionPoints" Block [SettingsIndexTree] - Settings for part selection Key "VariableSummaryTemplate" - Search results: Show Summary with descriptions Key "VariableDescriptionFirst" - Search Results: Show description before variable in column headers Key "GenerateMissingTopologyData" - Suppress regeneration of missing topology data Key "ClickableVariables" - Search result - Clickable variables and values Key "SearchFilterHint_MaxResults" - Search result filtered - Control of message Key "ShowDisplayRanking" - Search results: Placement number Key "EnableOverlayPopup" - Search results: Popup window Key "LINKCLASSLIST" - Adjust dialog area "Links" Key "SHOWUSECASESDOCK" - Use Cases (Online) Key "ShowInstallHistory" - Show/hide Installation history Key "KeySynonyms" - Synonym editor Block [SettingsSearch] - Main settings for searching Key "ShowWishCatalogs" - Show/hide button "Wish catalogs..." Keys "LoadGeometryEnabled" and "LoadFromCadEnabled" Key "VisibleSearchPages" - Visible search methods Key "GeoSearchHintStepSize" and "GeoSearchHintMinValue" - Search results: Extend minimum similarity at geometric search successively Key "ShowEditSearchTemplates" Block [SettingsTable] - Table settings Key "ShowErpVarName" - Hide variable names Key "ShowOnlyPrefRanges" - Button Preferred ranges - Determine initial status Key "TABDESCRIPTION" Block [PARTCOMPARESETTINGS] Key "PreviewImageSize" - Part comparison - Enlarged preview image in the tooltip Block [InfoPane] - TagCloud reports.cfg Key "SearchForProjects" - Duplicate report - Comparison on project level reports.xml - Storage location of reports seamless.cfg Call up PARTadmin Key "ShowOnlyIcons" - Show only icons (no labels) Key "Show2dTab" - Show 2D derivation tabbed page Key "ShowCatalogFilter" - Show/hide "Manufacturer filter" on tabbed page "Catalogs" Key "ShowCatalogFilters" - Show/hide "Catalog filter" on tabbed page "Search" Key "RootNodes" - Show/hide main items on the tabbed page "Catalogs" Keys "ShowItemToolbar" and "HiddenItemToolbarEntries" - Show/hide specific buttons Key "HiddenContextMenuItems" - Show/hide context menu commands Key "TOP_SHOW_REVERSE_SEARCH" - Hide button for Order number or type code search Key "HiddenSearchPages" - Show/hide search methods Key "TOP_SHOW_SYNONYM_BUTTON" - Show/hide checkbox for Synonym search Key "TOP_SHOW_HELP_BUTTON" - Show/hide Help button Keys "TOP_SHOW_SAVEQUERY_BUTTON" and "TOP_SHOW_LOADQUERY_BUTTON" - Show/hide button for "Load/save search templates" Key "TOP_OFFLINECD_MODE" - Search in / for show/hide Key "Tabs" - Adjust sequence and visibility of tabs (Part selection) Key "ViewTabs" - Adjust sequence and visibility of tabs (Part view) Key "CONTEXTMENU3D_HIDE" - Hide context menu commands in 3D view Key "SeamlessWindowInCompareSide" - Seamless - Part comparison | Right-left setting Seamless with ERP integration Block [ERP_HIDDENCOLUMNS] - Hide ERP columns Seamless: Enter ERP number during export startup_assistant.cfg Block [title_bottom] -> Key "url" Block [common] -> Key "show_next_time" varsearch.cfg Block [VariableSearch] Keys "FieldPriorizations" and "SynonymFieldPriorizationMultiplicator" - Full-text search: prioritization of fields to be searched Block: [DidYouMeanSearch] - Key "Enabled" - Did you mean on/off Block [SimilarWordsSearch] -> Key "Enabled" - Related results on/off
1.7.5. $CADENAS_SETUP Overview on configuration files under $CADENAS_SETUP 2dscales.cfg - Use scale for 2D view catalogicons.cfg - Icons on catalog preview image bugreport.cfg - Catalog Feedback cfginfo.cfg class_mod.cfg - Name mapping of published elements din962_global.cfg - Variants in screws and nuts (DIN 962) filesystems.cfg Caching of index files of $CADENAS_DATA on PARTapplicationServer Caching index files of $CADENAS_DATA onPARTapplicationServer geomsearch.cfg Block [Backups] Block [settings] key "GenerationFilterRules" - Filter projects and lines for geo index generation Block [settings] Key ShowMirroredIconPercentage - Configure visibility of mirrored parts Block [settings] Key PartialSearchCatalogs - Partial Search Block [settings] Key "MaxSizeOfUpdateList" Block [FeatureGroups] Geometry import - Maximum number of Triangles Geometry import - Maximum number of features Dependency of extension values from orientation Cache search results in working memory Caching for versions up to 9.07 Description of different caches Log file evaluation - Find best settings Caching / geometric search index as of V9.08 Structure of indices geomsearch.cfg -> Block [settings] - Common settings Creation of Geo and Topo indices Changes at the actual search Caching settings Log file evaluation - Find best settings Access on Topology values via VBS if<cadname>.cfg ifacecommon.cfg material.cfg (without ERP integration) material_assign.cfg (with ERP integration) menustructure_<application name>.cfg / menuvisibility_<application name>.cfg online_translators.cfg Use online translation services directly from PARTproject Configuration of the Online Translation Services Integration mode of translation service Structure of configuration file Google Translator - Create account Microsoft Translator - Create account pappclient.cfg pappserver.cfg partconnection.cfg Block [PARTconnection] Key "SkipErpRoleConditions" Key "LocalConnectionsPath" Key "SkipPrecalculation" Key "MergeOptions" Key "ShowSynchronizationMenu" Block [EXPORT] Block [NecessaryIndexes] Block [Unit] Block [Hole] Block [Counterbore] Block [Types] Blocks [<specification of types>] Key "ClassIdsSkipErp" partsol.cfg Block [Common] - Common settings Key "stlMaxTriangleCount" - Geometry import Key "ExportSubAssemblyStructure" - Support for subassemblies Block [VARSEARCHCLSVARS] Block [EOLService] - Show/hide lines to be avoided Block [PARTdataManager] - Global settings for PARTdataManager Keys "TOP_SEARCHPATH_SELECTION_..." - Search path selection: Show/hide single options Key "TOP_SHOW_REVERSE_SEARCH" Key "TOP_SHOW_PATH_SELECTION" - Show/hide search path selection list field (Search in) Key "TOP_SHOW_VIEWMODE_BUTTON" - Show/hide view mode selection (Search for) Key "TOP_SHOW_SYNONYM_BUTTON" - Show/hide button "Search for synonyms" Key "TOP_SHOW_HELP_BUTTON" - Show/hide Help button Keys "TOP_SHOW_SAVEQUERY_BUTTON" and "TOP_SHOW_LOADQUERY_BUTTON" - Search templates Key "INDEX_SHOW_SEARCH_SETTINGS" - Button "Search settings" on/off Key "INDEX_SHOW_SAVEININDEX" - Button "Save search results in favorites" on/off Key "INDEX_SHOW_SAVEINFILE" - Button "Save search results in a file" on/off Key "INDEX_SHOW_GENERATE_FILTER_ASSISTANT" - Button "Extended search filter assistant" on/off Keys "TABCONTENT_..._ENABLED" and "TABCONTENT_..._HIDE_..." - Availability and visibility of tab content Key "TABCONTENT_SEARCHRESULT_DEFAULT_REQUEST_PATH" Key "TABBAR_PLUSBUTTON_ENABLED" - Plus button on/off Keys "PARTSELECTION_SHOW_..." / "PARTSELECTION_..._AS_TAB" - Show/hide "Structure" items or move on tab Key "TOP_SEARCHPATH_SELECTION_HEADER" - Search path selection: Show/hide headers Key "INDEX_SHOW_CATALOG_FILTER" - Restrict Search results via Catalogue filter Key "INDEX_SHOW_MAPVIEW" and "INDEX_SHOW_CLUSTERMAPVIEW" - Show/hide buttons for Cloud Map and Partition Map view Key "STYLESHEETS" - Customer stylesheets for GUI elements Keys "TABBAR_ORDERABLE" and "TABBAR_ORDER" - Tabs: Allow drag & drop and tab order Block [PARTdataManager:CustomDockContent:0] - Create custom docks with a web-view via config Block [PARTcadAssistant] Key "EXE" - PARTcadAssistant Block [NATIVEPARTS] Key "NATIVEPOOLDIR" - Pool and project directory for native parts Block [FULLTEXTSEARCH] Key "SimilarityFactor" - Prioritize catalogs Block [INDEX:LUCENE] Key "TopologyCatalogs" - Find topological values with Full-text search pcdstart.cfg plinktemplates.cfg Catalog Quality Seal
1.7.8. Keys in catalog directory and subdirectories search.cfg dir.prj Keys "CATMETRICS_*" Key "SEARCHVARS" - Certain variables, always display *.qacheck resolvecheck.cfg
1.7.9. Optimize user interface Optimize user interface - Overview Tweak menus, menu items, toolbars, buttons and context menu commands Overview Tweak PARTdataManager user interface menustructure_PARTdataManager.cfg Block [Tweakmenu] Menus Toolbars Context menus Block [hasSubMenuActions] Block [AltButtons] menuvisibility_PARTdataManager.cfg Specification of modes (roles) PARTdataManager: Action names (key names) of menu items / buttons / context menu commands PARTdataManager: Action names (key names) of menu items and buttons PARTdataManager: Action names of context menu commands Tweak PARTproject user interface menustructure_PARTproject.cfg menuvisibility_PARTProject.cfg: Action names of menus, menu items, toolbars and buttons Settings in partsolu.cfg Tweak settings and scripting PARTdataManager GUI settings in partsol.cfg Activate/deactivate windows Define windows positioning Show/hide search methods
1.8. PARTsynonym
1.9. More administrative setting options
1.9.1. Request parts via e-mail - Part information (Mident) attached as ".psmid" file (9.03)
1.9.2. Connections Connections General information Basic settings Execute script Connections: Always show holes (also without ERP integration) when "preferred rows" and "filtered tree" is on (9.03)
1.9.3. Batchconvert.exe
1.9.4. Replace_std.cfg - Adjust paths after Update
1.9.5. Define search template Search templates Algorithms Display algorithms in PARTdataManager Other settings Background information Indexes Index files
1.10. Statistical evaluation of PARTcommunity data
1.11. Logging
1.11.1. Global Logging System
1.11.2. Logging Viewer (9.03 SP2)
1.11.3. Crash dump (9.03 SP2)
2. PARTsolutions - CAD Integration - Administration
2.1. User interface in PARTadmin
2.2. CAD encompassing information
2.2.1. Syntax and concepts What are categories? Apply and use own categories Variable values - functions Interpretation of similar blocks with and without category Join blocks Configuring PARTsolutions interface menu and toolbar Use encrypted passwords in config file (9.04) Use macros
2.2.2. Set file name ("FileName" key) and pool path ("poolpath" key) Pool: flat or with subdirectories ("poolpath" key) File name: set generation options ("FileName" key) Reuse the V8.1 pools after migration to V9 File name with reuse of V8.1 pool Pool path for standard parts with reuse of v8.1 pool
2.2.3. Intelligent placement for standard parts
2.2.4. Attribute mapping User interface Structure of the block "AttributeMapping(is3d)" Value types Common hints for Attribute Mapping sections Examples Attribute mapping restricted to a special project Specify user defined attributes via categories Export standard attributes in several languages
2.2.5. Material mapping Material mapping without ERP integration Material name from the table Material mapping with ERP integration Background information Key "Material": Alternative methods Key "Material": Use input value as Fallback
2.2.6. Reverse AttributeMapping
2.2.7. Transfer attributes via CNS classification
2.2.8. General configuration file "ifacecommon.cfg" Block [Macros] Key "LEN_CHECK" Key "_CREATION_OPTION(" Block [UI] Key "DisplayCreationWarningLevel" Block [Placement] Key "PL_DisplayTrivialCases" Block [NativeCheckin] Key "IgnoreCheckinAttributes00" Key "ProcessDocumentState" Key "ProcessDimensions" Block [ClassMapping] Block [LOD] - Level of Detail Block [NoSection] Block [RAWMATERIALS]
2.2.9. MultiCAD information Avoid additional entries to the existing BOM
2.3. CAD specific information
2.3.1. AutoCAD Integration - Administration Block [UI] - Configuration of PARTsolutions menu and toolbar Block [CreationOptions] - Options for Layer and Shape settings "Layer" configuration Structure on a single "Layer" block Example "Shape" Configuration Structure of a single "Layer" block Example Attribute mapping in AutoCAD Block [AttributeMapping(is2d)] Declare prefix for standard attributes Block [CadDocumentAttributes(is2d)] - Transfer user defined attributes Block [BomNormalAttributes] - Define BOM list attributes Adjust BOM list attributes Block [NativeCheckin] Key "IgnoreCheckinAttributes01" Installation of AutoCAD 2014 interface Troubleshooting Installation - Deinstallation As of version 2014 User documentation
2.3.2. CATIA V5 Macro Geometric Search (3D)
2.3.3. CATIA V5 Block [INTERFACE] Key "insertComponentFlexible" (FLEXIBLE_RIGID_SUBASSEMBLY) Key "DEBUG" Key "NativeCheckoutTargetFolder" Block [CreationOptions] Key "FileName(is3dPart)" Key "FileName(is3dAsm)" Key "TemplateName(is3dPart)" Key "TemplateName(is3dAsm)" Key "poolPath" Key "MaterialFile" Key "Material" Key "APPLY_PART_MATERIAL_TO" Key "CREATE_THREADS" Key "COLOR_FEATURES_00" Key "SimplifyAssemblies" Key "SKIP_ERRORS" Key "CREATE_COMPONENTS" Key "CREATE_SOLIDS" Key "LOAD_CGR" Key "CREATE_PUBLICATIONS_IN_PART" Key "CREATE_AUTO_CST_SKETCH" Key "SAVE_DOCUMENT_TYPE" Key "CREATE_CGR" Key "UseAsmMates" Block [AttributeMapping] Block [CATPartParameters] Block [CATCompProperties] Key "CATPRODUCT_INSTANCENAME" Block [CATProdProperties] Key "CATPRODUCT_PARTNUMBER" Commands to adjust behavior/visibility of PARTsolutions interface menu and workbenches
2.3.4. CoCreate Modeling Integration - Administration Block [CreationOptions(is3d)] - How to setup? Key "FileName" Key "DistributeMass" Key "EnhancedPhysicalProperties" - Calculation of Physical Properties Block [UI] - Adjust menus and toolbars Block [INTERFACE] Key "denied_value_char" Key "replace_char" - Replacement of characters Block [AttributeMapping(is3d)] Key "Attr_CopyFrom_01" Block [CadDocumentAttributes] NoSection Modelmanager - Configuration Trouble shooting Installation User documentation
2.3.5. Inventor Integration - Administration Block [CreationOptions(is3d)] Key "poolpath" - Set storage path for PARTsolutions parts Key "FileName" - Define structure of document name Key "TemplateFile" - Adjust templates Key "CreateIMates" Keys "catalogparts" and "catalogparts(rawmaterials)" Key "BomStructureType" Key "MATERIAL_DEFAULT_APPEARANCE" Key "Material" - Material mapping Key "ThreadGroupRx_xx" - Thread configuration Block [UI] - Adjust menus and toolbars Attribute mapping in Inventor Block [AttributeMapping(is3d)] - Set attribute language Declare prefix for PARTsolutions attribute Block [CadDocumentAttributes] - Transfer user defined attributes Block [DocumentInformation] Block [SummaryInformation] Block [DesignTracking] Block [NoSection] - Set parts not to be cut Several Inventor versions in parallel operation User documentation
2.3.6. NX Integration - Administration Block [CreationOptions(is3d)] Key "Poolpath" Key "FileName" Key "EnableMCD" - Mechatronic Concept Designer Key "material" Keys "feature_group_xx" Keys "layer_xx" - Layer descriptions Keys "LOD_REFSET_x" Key "PhysicalPropertiesMode" Key "NxOption_01" Key "UsePartExpressions" Key "PipingConnPoint" - NX routing function More NX Routing options Block [INTERFACE] Key "PhysicalPropertiesPrecision" - Allow physical property precision override Key "STEPExportVisibleLayersOnly" Key "ForceCreateNew3DPreviews" Block [UI] - Adjust menus and toolbars Application-sensitive PSOL Ribbons Key "PrepareMenu" - NX9 / Ribbon menu by default Application-sensitive PSOL Ribbons Block [AttributeMapping(is3d)] Key "Attr_CopyFrom_01" Block [CadDocumentAttributes] Add categories to attribute mapping Block [NativeCheckin] IgnoreCheckinAttributes01 NoSection NX: Unicode support in filenames Create "Alternative Representations" NX: "Position Override" functionality NX: Macro independent placement dialog Create NX Macro for native placing strategy NX Macro "cns_place_teamcenter_partrev.macro" Troubleshooting Installation - Deinstallation User documentation siemenspsol.cfg Reuse Library - CADENAS Library - Setting options
2.3.7. Creo / PRO-Engineer Integration - Administration Block [CreationOptions(is3d)] Key "CreateDimensions" Automatic accuracy search Key "PoolPath" Key "FileName" Key "Material" TempAxisLayer Attribute mapping in Creo / ProEngineer Block [AttributeMapping(is3d)] Block [CadDocumentAttributes] - Transfer custom attributes User defined attributes with type declaration Adding new keys Block [MatMAP] - Material mapping in Creo/ProEngineer Block [UI] - Adjust menus and toolbars Activating the PARTsolutions interface in Creo Parametric | Creo Elements/Pro 5.0 Conversions from Creo to "STEP" format User documentation
2.3.8. Solid Edge Integration - Administration CADENAS internal SE version numbering Block [CreationOptions(is3d)] Key "poolpath" Key "FileName" Material(is3dpart) - Material mapping Key "DocumentState" Block [UI] - Configuration of PARTsolutions menu and toolbar NoSection Attribute mapping in Solid Edge Block [AttributeMapping(is3d)] Block [CadDocumentAttributes] - Transfer custom attributes Block [CadDocumentAttributes] - Transfer further extra attributes Block [ProjectInformation] Blocks [SummaryInformation] and [DocumentSummaryInformation] Fill more fields in Solid Edge with PARTsolutions attributes Field names in Solid Edge Set different languages for attributes Troubleshooting Installation - Deinstallation User documentation
2.3.9. SolidWorks Integration - Administration Block [CreationOptions(is3d)] Key "poolpath" - Set storage path for PARTsolutions parts Key "FileName" - Define structure of document name Key "Material" - Material mapping Key "sketchmode" Key "PipingConnPoint" Block [UI] - Adjust menus and toolbars Attribute mapping in SolidWorks Block [AttributeMapping(3D)] - Set attribute language Declare prefix for PARTsolutions attributes Block [CadDocumentAttributes] - Transfer custom attributes Key "IsFastener" Block [CadDocumentAttributes] - Transfer further extra attributes Block [SummaryInformation] Several SolidWorks versions in parallel operation Troubleshooting Installation - Deinstallation User documentation
3. PARTsolutions - PDM Integration
3.1. General Information
3.1.1. ERP/PDM as leading systems
3.1.2. Basic workflow for "direct" PDM linking
3.1.3. Comparison: "pool integration" - total integration
3.1.4. Show CAD documents (PDM-ID) in PARTdataManager
3.1.5. Write a log file
3.2. General Configuration
3.2.1. Control
3.2.2. Activating the interface if<pdmname>.cfg
3.2.3. Configuration - General hints
3.3. PDM specific informationen and configuration
3.3.1. JSP files
4. Strategic Parts Management
4.1. Introduction
4.1.1. Integration
4.1.2. Target groups
4.1.3. Entire workflow
4.1.4. Integrating LinkDB Linkage Data transfer and data link Cyclical Replication Online Replication Direct Online linkage of LinkDB to ERP-DB New installation of parts using an ERP Interface
4.1.5. User-role concept
4.1.6. Support of company-internal workflows
4.1.7. Modules PARTsolutions/base module ERP linkdb PARTsolutions/base module ERP PARTsolutions/base module ERP CSV
4.2. Installation Link database
4.2.1. Hardware requirements
4.2.2. Installation von PARTsolutions parts management with PDM/ERP/PLM integration
4.2.3. Configuration of the database server connection (exemplified by MSSQL)
4.2.4. Create database scheme and users for ERP (exemplified by MSSQL) Installations script Base functionality Additional functionalities
4.2.5. Configure the data-source for ODBC (exemplified by MSSQL) Database connection via file DSN
4.2.6. JDBC driver Installation Configuration Jar files for other databases Configuration file jdbc.cfg
4.2.7. ERP connectivity from PARTsolutions via ODBC/JDBC and ERP activation dbproxy.cfg plinkcommon.cfg -> Block [Common] -> Key "DBName" - Determine ODBC data source name in PARTsolutions plinkcommon.cfg -> Block [PARTdataManager] -> Keys "ERPenabled" and "ERPenabledPPrj" - Activate ERP Starting PARTdataManager with ERP integration
4.3. Adding/removing database columns
4.3.1. Apply databases columns per SQL Scripting
4.3.2. Adding database column with PARTlinkManager
4.3.3. Set column visible in PARTdataManager
4.3.4. Removing database column
4.4. Save/restore database
4.5. PARTapplicationServer Installation/Configuration
4.6. Name rule for the CAD file name
4.7. ERP toolbar and menu
4.8. Table layout for PARTdataManager and (PARTlinkManager)
4.8.1. Adjust table values -> Adjust text / plinkcommon.cfg -> Block [MAPPING_<COLUMN_NAME>] - Key for visible text
4.8.2. Adjust table values -> Adjust color / plinkcommon.cfg -> Block [COLMAPPING_<variable name>] - Key COLORCODE<number>
4.8.3. Adjust table values -> Adjust text and color / plinkcommon.cfg -> Block [MAPPING_<variable name>] -> Key for visible text
4.8.4. Adjust table values -> Adjust color with condition / plinkcommon.cfg -> Block [COLMAPPING_<column name>] -> Key "COLORCOND<number>"
4.8.5. Adjust table values > Set bitmap / plinkcommon.cfg -> Block [BMPMAPPING_<column name>] -> Key "BMPCODE<number>"
4.8.6. Adjust table values -> Set bitmap with condition / plinkcommon.cfg -> Block [BMPMAPPING_<column name>] -> Key "BMPCOND<number>"
4.8.7. Background color for ERP/PDM columns / plinkcommon.cfg -> Block [GROUP_COLORS] -> Key GROUP<number>
4.8.8. Determine column color by indicator in ERP column (very special) / plinkgroups.cfg -> Block [<Role_name>] -> Key "COLORNUMBERTREE"
4.9. Modify column display - plinkcommon.cfg -> Block [LINKDBFIELDS] -
4.10. Basic design of "new ident-no." dialog box - erpcustom.cfg -> Block [USERDIALOG]
4.10.1. material_assign.cfg (with ERP integration)
4.10.2. Ignore custom set values for the combobox - Key "USERDIALOG_SKIPDBLOAD"
4.10.3. Change default description text for ERP_PDM_NUMBER - erpcustom.cfg -> Block [VARS] -> Key "USERDIALOG_ERPNR"
4.11. Timestamp number on/off
4.11.1. Automatically generated ERP_PDM_NUMBER at new creation of parts (on/off) - erpcustom.cfg -> Block [VARS] -> Key "TIMESTAMPNR"
4.11.2. erpcustom.cfg -> Block [dialogOnExport] - Automatic generation of ERP number: Export dialog for material and other fields yes/no
4.11.3. ERP Number Generator - erpcustom.cfg -> Blocks [ERP_NRGENERATOR] und [ERP_NRGENERATOR_CONDITIONS] Prerequisites SQL commands for applying the "Sequencer" table in the LinkDB CNSSEQ Table Activating ERP Number Generator Incorporate ERP number into the PARTdataManager Further number generations based on the example of the default setting Adjust conditions for number generation
4.12. User-role concept
4.12.1. Create users Create database user by database internal administration Create database users in database via access from PARTadmin Create users on the side of PARTsolutions via PARTadmin (dialog User-Role assignment) / plinkusers.cfg -> Block <user name> Create database user on the side of PARTsolutions via PARTadmin (dialog "Database user") Role sequence in the dialog box "Select role" / plinkusers.cfg -> Block [<role_name>] -> Key "GROUPORDER"
4.12.2. Create and configure roles Tabbed page "General" Dialog box for role selection - plinkgroups.cfg -> Block [Role name] -> Keys "DESC" and "IMAGE" Preferred ranges - plinkgroups.cfg -> Block [Role_name] -> Key "PREFRANGE" Display condition for parts selection - Colored catalog index - plinkgroups.cfg -> Block [Role_name] -> Key "CONDITIONTREE" Viewing condition for table rows - plinkgroups.cfg -> Block [Role_name] -> Key "TABRESTRICTION" Show table row but hide LinkDB content - plinkgroups.cfg -> [Role_name] -> Key "CONDITION" Columns to be displayed - plinkgroups.cfg -> Block [Role_name] -> Key "VARSUSED / VARSHIDDEN" Export condition - plinkgroups.cfg -> Block [Role_name] -> Key "EXPORTRESTRICTION" Export information (tooltip) at status lights - plinkgroups.cfg -> Block [Role_name] -> Key "TOOLTIPTEXTEXPORTON" / "TOOLTIPTEXTEXPORTOFF" Release certain directories for export - plinkgroups.cfg -> Block [Role_name] -> Key "EXPPRJTAB" / plinktemplates.cfg Hide catalogs - plinkgroups.cfg -> Block [Role name] -> Key "HIDELIST" Tabbed page "PDM" Tabbed page "Display" Status indicating icons in table - plinkgroups.cfg -> Block [<Role_name>] - Key "BMPCONDITION0" Status colors for catalog index - plinkgroups.cfg -> Block [Role_name] -> Key "COLORCONDITIONTREE<number>" Request ERP number per e-mail Tabbed page "Translations"
4.12.3. User-Role assignment User-Role assignment / plinkusers.cfg -> [<role name>] -> Key "GROUPS" plinkcommon.cfg -> Block [Common] -> Key "CADENAS_PRESELECT_LINKDB_GROUP" - Role selection by environment variable
4.13. Manual data administration
4.13.1. Creation of ERP numbers Using PARTdataManager Without direct linkage to the ERP system Manual entry of ERP number Applying ERP numbers using an online gateway to the SAP system Using PARTlinkManager Enter ERP number with PARTlinkManager Import a project into LINKDB – Assign ERP number PARTdataCenter
4.13.2. Edit variant / Create variant in PARTlinkManager
4.13.3. Create variants in PARTdataManager
4.13.4. Editing LinkDB in PARTlinkManager Editing columns Edit row
4.13.5. Delete datasets
4.13.6. Edit/delete dataset using PARTdataManager
4.14. Complex workflows for data maintenance
4.14.1. Overview
4.14.2. Initial filling of the LinkDB / Article assignment Data export per CSV with an example from SAP Manual export Automated Export Complexity assessment
4.14.3. Updating data Online replication Cyclic replication Automated and cyclical update of data Direct online linkage of the LinkDB to the ERP-DB Configuration file nightupdate.cfg Block [LOG] Block [MISC] Block [LOAD] Block [ERPTABLE-IDENTIFY-COLUMNS] Block [ERPTABLE-UPDATE-COLUMNS]
4.14.4. New application of parts with ERP Gateway
4.14.5. Distributed Locations - LinkDB Replication
4.15. Index update
4.16. Catalog update with ERP integration
4.16.1. Catalog update Standard information
4.16.2. Standard check on problems with mapping LinkDB entries
4.16.3. Catalog update with ERP integration - Fix mapping problems with the Update manager Catalog update (Tutorial) - Example 1 Preparation Status after update installation to Bikecompany V2 and before editing with Update Manager Editing in Update manager Catalog update (Tutorial) - Example 2 Preparations Catalog update - Download Assignment / release – Overview on the best approaches PARTadmin - Check | Compare | Install PARTlinkManager Update manager - Project assignment to LinkDB datasets Update manager - Projects with simple process of assignment Assign project.prj (Standard name adjusted) Assign project2.prj (Adjusted directory) Assign project4.prj (directory relocated and Standard name adjusted) Update manager - Projects with more complex process of assignment Assign project3.prj (project and Standard number renamed) Assign project5.prj Assign project6.prj Assign project7.prj Final check Install update version Update without connection to the LinkDB Correct version numbers Update structure table User interface of Update Manager Symbols in the Catalogs section Symbols in the Line mapping section Functions ACTIVE_STATE and REQUESTED_STATE Changed standard name Moved dataset No correlation to the old dataset found Conduct assignments across lines Catalog update with ERP integration - Check LinkDB mapping problems BEFORE installation (table and 3D view) Background information
4.16.4. PARTsolutions with LinkDB - Troubleshooting at catalog updates Revising / Updating the LinkDB Manual revision via parameter calls
4.17. Further settings in plinkcommon.cfg
4.17.1. Enable automatic login / plinkcommon.cfg -> Block [Login] -> Key "AUTOLOGIN"
4.17.2. Try NT user authentication / plinkcommon.cfg -> Block [Login] -> Key "NTUSERAUTH"
4.17.3. Pinning Dimension attribute OnOff / plinkcommon.cfg -> Block [PARTdataManager] -> Key "LockDimRange" Background information
4.17.4. Login options / plinkcommon.cfg -> Block [PARTdataManager] -> Key "LoginMode"
4.17.5. PARTlinkManager: Line color at missing ERP_PDM_NUMBER / plinkcommon.cfg -> Block [COLORS]
4.17.6. E-mail settings / plinkcommon.cfg -> Block [MAIL]
4.17.7. Own template for Request ERP number per e-mail / plinkcommon.cfg -> Block [MAIL] -> Key "TEMPLATE"
4.17.8. ERP for single parts in assembly tables / plinkcommon.cfg -> Block [PARTdataManager] -> Key "UseErpForAssPart" Preparations in order to put the functionality into practice Loading the assembly in the PARTdataManager Assembly without ERP number Assembly with ERP numbers Scripting - further possibilities
4.17.9. Update full-text search index / plinkcommon.cfg -> Block [Common] -> Key "UPDATESEARCHINDEX"
4.17.10. Adjust Standard name - Standard name (short) - BOM name / plinkcommon.cfg -> Block [PARTdataManager] -> Keys "NB" "ShortNB" "LINA"
4.18. Translation file "plinkcommon.def"
4.19. Further settings in "plinkgroups.cfg"
4.19.1. E-mail settings for "new ident-no." dialog / plinkgroups.cfg -> Block [<Role_name>] -> Keys "SENDTO" "SUBJECT" "SERVER" "ISHTML"
4.19.2. Own template for Request ERP number per e-mail / plinkgroups.cfg -> Block [<Role_name>] -> Key "TEMPLATE"
4.19.3. Adjust Standard name - Standard name (short) - BOM name / plinkcommon.cfg -> Block [PARTdataManager] -> Keys "NB" "ShortNB" "LINA"
4.20. Translation file "plinkgroups.def"
4.21. Further settings in erpcustom.cfg
4.21.1. Load additional scripts - erpcustom.cfg -> Block [LOAD]
4.21.2. Default value for new "ACTIVE_STATE" values - erpcustom.cfg -> Block [VARS] -> Key "NEWASTATE"
4.22. Getting started - Demo database
4.22.1. Features
4.22.2. Subsequent installation of PLDBDEMO instance
4.22.3. ERP activation / deactivation
4.23. Troubleshooting
4.23.1. Link database troubleshooting Disabling Journaling on DB2/400 Database login - Error message
4.24. PARTadmin Reference
4.24.1. Menus File ? (Help)
4.24.2. Icons
4.24.3. ERP environment settings Idle time - Connect LinkDB Enable automatic login Define Database interface
4.24.4. "Roles" dialog - Buttons
4.24.5. "Roles" dialog - Tabbed pages Tabbed page "General" Tabbed page "PDM" Tabbed page "Display" Tabbed page "Mail" Tabbed page "Translations" Tabbed pages "Standard name", "Standard name (short)", "BOM name"
4.25. PARTlinkManager reference
4.25.1. PARTlinkManager: Launch from Start menu License selection dialog box at Floating licensing
4.25.2. Launch PARTlinkManager from PARTdataManager
4.25.3. Authorization rights
4.25.4. Menus File Connect Connect as... Switch role Disconnect Export as -> CSV table Import Execute Script Exit View Show tree Display filtered tree Hide old versions of parts Extras Database Adding/removing database columns Apply databases columns per SQL Scripting Adding database column with PARTlinkManager Set column visible in PARTdataManager Removing database column Show database columns Save/restore database Editing additional tables in the PARTlinkManager Configure ERP environment Tabbed page "PARTlinkManager preferences" Set row color Group definitions / Set column color Adjust table values Modify column display Column position in PARTlinkManager Tabbed page "PARTdataManager preferences" Login mode e-mail notification Tabbed page "Database" Tabbed page "Export tables" Tabbed page "Translations" Tabbed pages "Standard name", "Standard name (short)", "BOM name" Examples Change NB via vbs scripting Change NB according to project Syntax Preferences PARTlinkManager - Search fields Network Logging settings Catalog update - Update manager PARTadmin ? (Help)
4.25.5. Menu buttons
4.25.6. Buttons
4.25.7. Context menu Set fields Duplicate Edit variant Create variant Assign ERP numbers / delete Import project into database Edit project table Change standard descriptions according to project Explicitly specify sorting order of variants for PARTdataManager table Column sorting of geometry columns in PARTdataManager Update structure table
4.25.8. Filtering display
5. FAQ
5.1. Help
5.2. Context help...
5.3. Training documents
5.4. About
5.5. Licenses
5.5.1. License information "General" tabbed page "License selection" tabbed page "Expiring licenses" tabbed page "Active licenses" tabbed page "Checkout" tabbed page
5.5.2. Licensing "Request licenses online" tabbed page for single workstation license "Request licenses online" tabbed page with FLM license Entering licenses... (Single workstation) Check licenses... (Single workstation) Change licenses (Single workstation) Entering licenses... (FLM) Check licenses... (FLM) No valid license available
5.6. System info/Support
5.7. PARTconcept: Ticketing
5.8. Remote maintenance
5.9. Global Logging System
5.10. Adjust GUI - Overview
6. Appendix
6.1. Constants, Functions, Operators, mathematical expressions
6.1.1. Fortran Syntax
6.1.2. SQL Syntax
6.1.3. Constants
6.1.4. Operators
6.1.5. Functions
6.1.6. Examples Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Example 4
6.2. Third Party License Information