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Manual  Keys "FieldPriorizations" and "SynonymFieldPriorizationMultiplicator" - Full-text search: prioritization of fields to be searched

The prioritization of fields to be searched can be set under $(CADENAS_USER)/varsearch.cfg.

The default settings normally don't have to be adjusted (but may be).

If a field should not be searched then remove the specific entry from the value range.

If a field should get a disproportionate higher weighting then set a higher value (e.g. 1000).

"orderno" is the field for the order number specified in eCAT.

Don't change CNS_SEARCHDATA.

The explicit specification of a path is not possible currently.


The Synonym search is using the same values as above, however with the factor specified here. The default value of 0.3 means that hits achieved by the Synonym search are not graded as high as directly achieved hits.