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Manual  New installation of parts using an ERP Interface
  • PARTsolutions user wants to use a part, of which he still does not have an ERP number.

  • The interface opens an ERP mask, in which data for the corresponding part are already inserted.

  • The user fills in the missing data, like for instance material (geometric data will be automatically transferred)

  • The interface applies this part to the ERP system with a new ERP number and the whole dataset is transferred to the LinkDB.

  • Advantage: Complete integration of PARTsolutions in the ERP system when creating a new part; new parts can be applied from PARTsolutions and are immediately available in PARTsolutions, by the automatic creation (from PARTsolutions) part redundancy will be prevented.

  • Required module ERPsolutions + (e.g.) SAP MM Gateway or an individually programmed Gateway.

[Note] Note

Manual creation of parts without Gateway using the modules PARTdataManager and PARTlinkManager is always possible.