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Manual  "Access control" tabbed page

Floating licenses are granted to every client that asks for them equally. However, it can be that some clients should not be allowed to pull some licenses. To enable this, you can assign access control lists for the licenses here.

Access control

Access control

The following example shows how to set up an access restriction for a certain Floating product for a certain user and a certain computer:

  1. Open a Base product or Addon and select a line beginning with "Allow" or "Deny".

    -> The dialog area Access is activated.

    -> The buttons are activated.

  2. In the dialog area Access select an option:

    • Deny


    • Allow (default)

    You can adjust this setting anytime later (if needed).

  3. Click on Add.

    -> Below the selected product a new line is inserted.

    -> The dialog area Object is activated.

  4. In the dialog area Object select an option (IP Range | User | Computer).

    • IP Range

      Determine a range of IP addresses.

      The syntax in the input field is based on Classless Inter-Domain-Routing (CIDR).

      CIDR enables network masks of any length.

      Behind the IP address, enter a prefix block separated by a slash '/' (see following figure). The block prefix shows the number of bits at the beginning of an IP address which identify the network. Then all other bits indicate the host.

      Classless Inter-Domain-Routing (CIDR)

      Classless Inter-Domain-Routing (CIDR)

      • Example 1

        Computers in the IP range from to are addressed, thus 256 at the maximum.

      • Example 2

        Computers in the IP range from to are addressed, thus 65.536 at the maximum.

    • User: Activate the checkbox at the desired user(s).

    • Computer: Activate the checkbox at the desired computer(s).

  5. Complete by clicking on Save....