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Manual  Release certain directories for export - plinkgroups.cfg -> Block [Role_name] -> Key "EXPPRJTAB" / plinktemplates.cfg

[Note] Note

Use export table is role dependent, so has to be defined for each role separately.

Why use "Export tables"?

When using ERP integration only directories or projects containing an ERP_PDM_NUMBER are displayed in green. (A standard entry under PARTadmin -> Role category -> General tabbed page -> Export condition is "ERP_PDM_NUMBER.NE.'' for example). This is the standard case.

Using Export tables you can set on "green" any further directories or projects, meaning they are exportable independently from any other restrictions. For example, this could be directories, which only contain PDFs and for reasons of information shall be marked or directories, which indeed do not contain parts with ERP_PDM_NUMBER, but anyhow shall be exportable.

[Note] Note

Special hint concerning the "green" depiction: Possibly, in PARTadmin -> Roles category -> Display tabbed page settings are made. Then other colors may be displayed. But the behavior concerning export is given anyway.

In order to use Export tables do the following:

  1. At first open plinktemplates.cfg and specify the Admin user for the used database. (If the entry is missing the respective message will show up in PARTlinkManager when attempting to add an export table.)


    Excerpt from configuration file plinktemplates.cfg

    [Microsoft SQL Server] 

  2. In PARTlinkManager under Extras menu -> Configure ERP environment, select the Export tables tabbed page.

    [Note] Note

    In PARTlinkManager, in order to be able to apply export tables you must be connected to the LinkDB with admin rights.

    PARTlinkManager -> Extras menu -> Configure ERP environment -> Export tables tabbed page

    PARTlinkManager -> Extras menu -> Configure ERP environment -> Export tables tabbed page

    In the Export tables area, click on the Add entry button and enter any desired table name (here EXPTAB for example.)

  3. In the Table entries area, click on the respective button and add projects or directories via Windows Explorer.

    These are displayed under Project path. Here exemplified "training".

  4. Now switch to PARTadmin and insert the before applied table name in the Use export table field using the respective role in the category tree.

Now in PARTdataManager in the Part selection the "Training" catalog with all sub-directories will display in green color, though it possibly doesn't contain any parts, which have an ERP_PDM_NUMBER.