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Manual  Correct version numbers

Normally the command is not needed, but only for error correction.

Should there be a difference between version number in the project file (verhist.cfg ) and in the LinkDB (column Version), the project cannot be displayed in PARTdataManager.

This could possibly happen by deleting and new installation of a catalog.

In PARTdataManager the following error message appears:

With the help of the context menu command Correct version numbers the entry in the LinkDB can simply be corrected.

After executing the command the dialog box Wrong versions is displayed.

[Note] Note

Wrong versions are listed in red color. All other list items carry no weight. You can hide them by activating the checkbox Show only projects with wrong versions.

Select the project to be corrected and click on Correct.

During the correction also variables which have possibly changed and the MIdent are adjusted. Edited lines are applied again in the LinkDB with correct version number. In the column ACTIVE_STATE the value "Locked" is set.