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Manual Display in user mode

The font colors have the following meanings:

  • Blue

    General directories, referenced from the server, are displayed with blue font and cannot be edited.

  • Black

    Directories, which were inserted by you in user mode, are displayed in black font.

    These can be directories, for example, on file level that were copied into the 23d-lib directory, or personal directories under User data and My Parts.

    [Note] Note

    At the server computer and on the other client computers these black directories are not visible.

  • Light red

    These directories were hidden in the user mode via Suppress appearance for the PARTdataManager display and can be shown again by clicking on Restore appearance.

  • Dark red

    These directories were hidden for the PARTdataManager display concerning the project arrangement. They may not be displayed in user mode again. The corresponding command Restore appearance is not available.