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Manual  Key "KeySynonyms" - Synonym editor

Using PARTsynonym you can define and manage synonyms.

Among other things, the synonyms you defined can be taken into account in PARTdataManager during the Full-text search.

This way you can find products, you otherwise wouldn't have found by reason of different notation (e.g. hexagon screw, hexagon head screw, hexagon head set screw, hexagon bolt, ...).

In PARTadmin, in order to enter data click on Start PARTsynonym!.

In PARTdataManager, check/uncheck the option in order to use the search database.


Value range:

-1=disabled: The Search for synonyms pushbutton is not shown in the PARTdataManager.

0=turned off;

1=turned on

More information about the synonym editor can be found under Section 1.8, “ PARTsynonym ”.