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Manual Tabbed page "Port configuration"

Activate/deactivate the desired ports via checkbox. HTTP port and Service port are the standard ports without SSL encryption. Use HTTPS-Port and SSL-Service-Port if you want SSL encryption (normally either/or).

For the Port configuration, HTTPS / SSL can also be used.

  1. Use HTTPS.

    Under category AppServer Service, on the tabbed page Port configuration, once activating one of the two checkboxes HTTPS-Port and SSL-Service-Port, the dialog area SSL gets activated. (HTTP authentication is plain text.)

    A description on how to create a self signed certificate can be found under Section, “SSL encryption ”.

    Tabbed page "Port configuration"

    Tabbed page "Port configuration"

  2. Under category AppServer client, activate the option Use SSL and import respective certificate from server. See Section, “SSL encryption ”.