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Manual Manual revision via parameter calls

Manual revision per parameter call may be necessary to remove errors if variants in an ERP environment were accidentally created withPARTdesigner instead of PARTlinkManager.

[Note] Note

Creating variants with via eCATALOGsolutions functionality is not intended during ERP integration!

Should this however be the case, do the following to remove the error:

Start the PARTadmin with padmin.exe -updatedb -detectVariant. A dialog shows up in which the catalog can be selected which needs to be updated in the link database.

You have a limited possibility for corrections!

If you start PARTadmin with the parameter -updateDB, then PARTadmin determines all installed catalogs whose update status has not yet been updated in the link database. These catalogs are then listed in the Update dialog window. By clicking on OK the catalogs are then updated in the link database.

On the Protocol tabbed page you can see the status of the update.