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Manual General settings
Section COMMON

The section COMMON concerns general settings.

  • ACTIVE = (Value range 0 or 1)

    Dialog box active: yes or no

    Dialog box "Discontinued part"

    Dialog box "Discontinued part"

  • SHOWBITMAPS = (value range 0 or 1)

    Icons active: yes or no

    Yes = 1: Replaced or removed without replacement standards are identified by a symbol in the index tree on the left and under Symbols/Details on the right.

    Icons in index tree and "Symbols" view

    Icons in index tree and "Symbols" view

  • USE_LINKDB = (Value range 0 or 1)

    For large amounts of data, you have the option to manage the replacement files in a separate table "REPLACE_TABLE". This is activated with "1". The replacement files are either taken from the configuration file or the REPLACE_TABLE.

    See also Section, “Additional functionalities ”.

  • LINKDB_TABLENAME=replace_table

    Optionally, the name of the replacement table can be stated.

Section COMMON(Role1)

In the COMMON(Role1) section, the replacement table can only be activated for certain roles or users.

  • ACTIVE = (Value range 0 or 1)