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Manual  Dialog box for role selection - plinkgroups.cfg -> Block [Role name] -> Keys "DESC" and "IMAGE"
[Note] Note

The setting for the Select role dialog box is role dependent, so has to be defined for each role separately.

You can specify an image and a description.

If several roles are available for a user, the dialog box Select role opens when starting the application. Furthermore it can be called anytime via button Select group .


Setting in configuration file $CADENAS_SETUP/plinkgroups.cfg:

Block [<role name>], key DESC, value contains description text; key IMAGE, value contains image path


Setting in user interface under PARTadmin -> category Roles -> tabbed page General -> Description and Displayed bitmap

[Tip] Tip

Just specify a simple placeholder under "Description". It can be translated into the desired languages.

Determine sorting sequence of roles in the dialog box "Select role"

[Note] Note

Optionally, you can change the sorting sequence of roles displayed in the Select role dialog box under category User -> User-Role assignment -> Roles.

Select the role and move it to the desired position with pressed mouse button.


[Note] Note

Under PARTadmin -> category Roles -> tabbed page Translations the description is automatically inserted in the first column. You may enter any desired translation there. For details please see Register Übersetzungen.

If translations are available then these are displayed in the dialog box.