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Manual Reuse Library - CADENAS Library - Setting options
Display of the CADENAS Library

Catalogs of the CADENAS Library are displayed in a separate directory of the Reuse library and physically stored on the CADENAS PARTapplicationServer. The specific selection of the displayed catalogs and directories is controlled by license.

Browse the index tree or use the search function and then draw parts into the assembly via drag & drop as usual.

Storage of the CADENAS Library

A simple image (only preview images) of the CADENAS Library is stored under %appdata%/Local/.

In order to directly call this file level use the context menu command Open Source Folder.

Setting options of the CADENAS library

The Customer Defaults of the CADENAS library are specified by NX and are displayed under Reuse Library > tabbed page CADENAS Library.

For multiple users, under Native NX, the Library Directory should be a common storage location like T:\nxreuseshared, for example. When performing a new export then files are reused and not created again.

Additional setting options in the file siemenspsol.cfg are possible.

This configuration file is stored under ..\Program Files\Siemens\NX<Version>\NXPARTS\CADENAS.

Details on the single setting options can be found in the configuration file itself.