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4.25.  PARTlinkManager reference

4.25.1. PARTlinkManager: Launch from Start menu License selection dialog box at Floating licensing
4.25.2. Launch PARTlinkManager from PARTdataManager
4.25.3. Authorization rights
4.25.4. Menus File Connect Connect as... Switch role Disconnect Export as -> CSV table Import Execute Script Exit View Show tree Display filtered tree Hide old versions of parts Extras Database Adding/removing database columns Apply databases columns per SQL Scripting Adding database column with PARTlinkManager Set column visible in PARTdataManager Removing database column Show database columns Save/restore database Editing additional tables in the PARTlinkManager Configure ERP environment Tabbed page "PARTlinkManager preferences" Set row color Group definitions / Set column color Adjust table values Modify column display Column position in PARTlinkManager Tabbed page "PARTdataManager preferences" Login mode e-mail notification Tabbed page "Database" Tabbed page "Export tables" Tabbed page "Translations" Tabbed pages "Standard name", "Standard name (short)", "BOM name" Examples Change NB via vbs scripting Change NB according to project Syntax Preferences PARTlinkManager - Search fields Network Logging settings Catalog update - Update manager PARTadmin ? (Help)
4.25.5. Menu buttons
4.25.6. Buttons
4.25.7. Context menu Set fields Duplicate Edit variant Create variant Assign ERP numbers / delete Import project into database Edit project table Change standard descriptions according to project Explicitly specify sorting order of variants for PARTdataManager table Column sorting of geometry columns in PARTdataManager Update structure table
4.25.8. Filtering display

With PARTlinkManager you are able to access and edit the content of LinkDB.

Additional information from third-party-systems will be stored in the LinkDB.

PARTlinkManager offers the following functions:

  • Creating geometrical variants

    [Note] Note

    Do not use PARTeditor under ERP-functionality to add variants or further columns. This would cause conflicts.

  • Creating additional fields, e.g. MATERIAL or SURFACE

  • Editing additional fields (all)

  • Designing of additional columns in the PARTdataManager view

  • Defining CAD-file names