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Manual if<pdmname>.cfg

In the $CADENAS_SETUP/if<pdmname>.cfg file, you have the section PLM with the following entries, that help activating the correct interface:

MODULE=ifsapPLMInv.vbb (Beispiel für SAP)

  • MODULE: The name of the interface module (e.g. ifxxx.vbb)

  • METAMODULE: The standard value is meta_plm.vbb

  • ACTIVE_CAD: The CAD system in which the vbb file should run

    [Note] Note

    You can list more than one CAD system separated by commas.

    An asterisk '*' stands for all CAD systems.

  • With ACTIVE_CONDITION you activate the interface.[65]

    • True: The interface is activated

    • False: The interface is not activated

[Note] Note

The activation is described in detail in the specific sections of the respective PDM systems.

[65] Dieser Schlüssel allein schaltet die PDM-Kopplung an/aus.