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4.4.  Save/restore database

In order to save the database either use the corresponding database-own administration tools or possibly the PARTsolutions internal dialog under PARTlinkManager -> Extras -> Database -> Save/restore database.

Under Action, select the option Save database or Restore database.

Under Settings, select the option Use CSV file or Use external command.

  • Use CSV file:

    If you activate the checkbox under Use common directory, then all tables are saved in the chosen directory with their standard name.

    If you do not activate the option, then specify the desired CSV files via search button ... and activate the respective individual checkboxes.

  • Use external command:

Saving data via BackupTool

The BackupTool is simply the script version to dialog, in order to enable the export by an automated task.

Via command...

cscripthost.exe backupTool.vbb backup "C:/BackupFolder/<DATE>

... the backup function of LinkDB interface is triggered and the CSVs are written into the newly created directory (C:/BackupFolder/DATE_TIME).

In order to restore the database, instead of "backup" parameter use a "restore".

cscripthost.exe backupTool.vbb restore "C:/BackupFolder"

In the course of this only the tables stated in the plinkcommon.cfg -> BACKUPTABLES are written. Additional tables have to be stated there.

Default setting is the following: