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Manual  Catalog update with ERP integration - Check LinkDB mapping problems BEFORE installation (table and 3D view)

You can filter all components assembled in CAD (having an ERP number) and whose geometry has been changed BEFORE a catalog update.

On the tabbed page Status log all projects are listed with their old, new path and old, new NB and geometrical similarity.

When selecting a project line, you can see the details under Tabular Compare and 3D comparison, so that you can evaluate the relevance of geometrical changes.

[Note] Note

Indeed values as of 90% Similarity are marked as successful, nevertheless smaller geometrical changes may show up. In these cases check whether it is an official successor version.

Once selecting a row in the "Status log", the respective part is loaded in the "Tabular Compare" and "3D comparison".

Once selecting a row in the "Status log", the respective part is loaded in the "Tabular Compare" and "3D comparison".

[Tip] Tip

Place docking windows in a way that you can quickly recognize relevant information.

Proceed as follows:

  1. As the catalog check is available BEFORE the installation, please deactivate the checkbox Install after download.

    Downloaded catalogs remain in the "temp" directory, which has been defined under Settings (tabbed page Welcome -> Settings -> PARTupdate assistant -> Temporary directory).

    (Until the installation has been performed the catalog is marked with a blue icon in the catalog listing.)

  2. After successful download switch to Category Offline and open the downloaded catalog by clicking on Open.

  3. Then click on Check.

  4. In the dialog box Check, click on Simulate ERP update.

    [Note] Note

    Now the installation of the CIP file is simulated for all LinkDB entries, without, however, changing the installation or the database.

  5. Once the check is finished, select the tabbed page ERP Status.

  6. Once selecting a row in the Status log now, the respective part is loaded in the Tabular Compare and the 3D comparison.