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Manual Overview

All settings are handled with standard configuration files which are displayed in PARTadmin -> Category Configuration files -> $CADENAS_Setup.

Which application is controlled by which file can be seen directly at the file name.

There are two types of files:

  • menustructure_<name of application>.cfg



    "menustructure" configuration files define the basically structure, meaning which menus, menu items, toolbars, buttons and context menus are basically available.

    [Note] Note

    Normally you don't have to change these settings, because these are only responsible for the given structure. The visibility of UI elements is controlled by configuration files of the type menuvisibility<name of application>.cfg.

    Details on menustructure_<name of application>.cfg can be found under Section, “menustructure_PARTdataManager.cfg”.

  • menuvisibility<name of application>.cfg



    "menuvisibility" configuration files define the visibility of UI elements.

    The config is subdivided in blocks which represent certain modes Beginner, Professional or role-dependent modes [with ERP integration]).

    Each mode contains a list of keys representing single functions/UI-elements (represented in menus, toolbars or context menus).

    Key value can be true (element visible) or false (element hidden). Simply set the key value as desired. When clicking through the keys, on the right side, in the dialog area Documentation, the respective figures of the user interface are shown so that you can immediately see the relation between function element and config setting.

    Details on this can be found under Section, “menuvisibility_PARTdataManager.cfg”.

[Tip] Tip

Also read the general notes under User interface at a glance and Full-text search.