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Manual Value types

In the following a list of all possible value types is found:

  • Text

    =?"Cadenas PARTsolutions"

  • Number


  • PARTsolutions constant (simple)

    LINA, NB, NT, NN, etc.

    Only the constant is inserted

  • PARTsolutions constant (complex)


    The declaration in this form can be modified easily. Therefor see the next two points.

  • Several PARTsolutions constants mixed with text

    .Format("<ATTR(NN)> - <ATTR(NT)>").value()

    Inside the brackets is the attribute constant (<ATTR(NN)>).

    Inside the quotes and outside the brackets you can insert text.

    "<ATTR(NN)> - any text - <ATTR(NT)>"

  • PARTsolutions constant in a certain language


    In order to output a certain attribute in a certain language set the language before constant separated with a comma (english, french, italian, etc.).

    [Note] Note

    All attributes with no explicitly set language are transferred in the set $CADENAS_LANGUAGE.

  • Under Section, “Variable values - functions ” you can find information how to modify the entire key basically.