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Manual Set up PARTapplicationServer as service

Setting up PARTapplicationServer as service is advantageous, because it is automatically started at start of the server and Windows mechanisms for monitoring the stability (e.g. restart at crashes) are used. (Restart delay can be adjusted via registry.)

You have the opportunity to set up the service during the PARTsolutions Server installation. Hereto simply activate the respective option.

Set up PARTapplicationServer as service

Set up PARTapplicationServer as service

After finished installation the service CADENAS PARTapplication SERVER V11 (PAPPSERVER) is displayed under Windows -> Control panel -> Administrative tools-> Services.



Manual installation

With the command pappserver.exe -install [13] you can manually set up the service in a console.[14]

[Note] Note

When manually setting up the service the respective administrative permissions have to be given.

[Note] Note

Make sure that CADENAS PARTapplication SERVER is really started.

If not, start the SERVER.

pappserver.exe -start

UNC path in services

The installer sets up an UNC path for the AppServer service. Possibly this is not yet available when starting the service.

Furthermore UNC paths are slower than shares and local installation paths.

[13] You can find pappserver.exe under $CADENAS/bin/x86/32 or 64

[14] Deinstallation happens with pappserver.exe -uninstall.