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Manual Licenses for the PARTapplicationServer

Before installation of PARTapplicationServer make sure that all required licenses are available.

  • PARTsolutions remote without synchronization of catalog data:

    There is only one central data directory ($CADENAS_DATA)

    All accesses (catalog browsing and search and LinkDB queries) - regardless from which location - run via PARTapplicationServer.

    So if you want to use PARTsolutions remote without synchronization of catalog data, an extra license is required therefor.

    [Note] Note

    You can hedge against a license failure by setting up a server cluster.

    Connected servers

    Connected servers

    Details on this can be found under Section, “ "Connected servers" dialog area ”.

    [Note] Note

    The license (and thus a possibly used license server) has to be available at start up of the PARTapplicationServer , because this one configures its functionality at start up. Subsequent "pulling" of licenses is not possible and provided.

  • API license:

    This license is required, if you want to access the PARTapplicationServer with third party systems.

[Note] Note

Information for current customers:

The PARTapplicationServer Server has replaced the Search server as of version 9.08. For the basic search via AppServer (PARTadmin -> Category AppServer client -> Search with AppServer) no extra license is required.