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Manual Moved dataset

When directories or projects have been only moved - but not changed -[a], then in the section Catalogs (left side) the respective project and the superordinated directories are marked with the orange arrow symbol . The arrow symbol overlays the respective base symbol (directory , project , line ).

"Catalogs" section

"Catalogs" section

[a] Exactly this is the case at an update from V8.1 to V9 at the standards catalog due to a new partitioning of the subdirectory (DIN_EN_ISO -> DIN and EN and ISO) for example.

If directories or projects have only been moved, there are no specific changes displayed in the section Line mapping (right side).

The only value changes are at the variables "Active State" and "Requested State" (compare Section, “Active State and Requested State”).

You can see the new project path under Assigned project (New project).

Now you have two options:

Approve assignment

Revoke assignment and save changes

Afterwards in the index tree the respective icons or are displayed.

If a project has only been moved and in other ways is unchanged, it makes sense to release the whole project in one step. On this see Section, “Conduct assignments across lines”.