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Manual  psolopt.cfg

The configuration file psolopt.cfg contains settings on the following subjects.

  • [SettingsIndexTree]

    Settings for part selection in PARTdataManager | pdatamgr>extras>preferences>part selection

  • [SettingsSearch]

    Main settings for the search gui

  • [SettingsSearch_VarSearch]

    Settings for the variable search

  • [SettingsSearch_GeomSearch3D]

    Settings for the geometrical search

  • [SettingsSearch_GeomSearch2D]

    Settings for the sketch search

  • [SettingsSearch_ColorSearch]

    Settings for the color search

  • [SettingsSearch_TopoSearch]

    Settings for the topo search

  • [SettingsSearch_SavedQueries]

    Names of the saved queries

  • [SettingsSearch_SaveInIndex]

    Options for the dialog to save search results in the IndexTree-Favorites

  • [SettingsSearch_SaveInFile]

    Options for the dialog to save search results in a csv file

  • [SearchPageGeometry]

    The geometry of the search pages

  • [SettingsHPGL]

    pdatamgr>extras>preferences>pdatamgr>colors | the colors and the line thickness here are related to the dimension drawing and the preview

  • [Settings2DDerivation]

    Hatch width and angles will be alternated for every part in an assembly using the values below


    Settings for "PART comparison" dialog box.

  • [InfoPane]

    Adjust how many terms should be displayed in the InfoPane.