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Manual  Check licenses... (FLM)

In the Category section select the item FLM server.

-> The setting pages for the FLM server administration are displayed.

The tabbed page Licenses is selected by default.

"Licenses" tabbed page

"Licenses" tabbed page

At this page you can check all data of your FLM licenses, especially the Status, which should be green = Ok.

Directly below the tabs all valid Host ID are displayed. These have been automatically detected.

Once a file is selected (see figure above), the information in the dialog areas License key and Host ID/Role are displayed.

The structure of this tabbed page is according to the one already described under category Clients -> tabbed page Licenses. Details are found there.

Check catalog licenses

Catalogs without valid license are displayed under PARTadmin -> PARTsolutions -> Catalog update -> Online in an own menu item Catalogs, no valid license.

Catalogs, no valid license

Catalogs, no valid license