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Manual  Block [Backups]

For own part catalogs you can automatically create backups of the Geo, Topo and Partial Index.

By default, backups are created for the most recent 2 versions (see config key). (In case of a defective index, delete the index to be replaced, copy data from backup and restart PARTapplicationServer.)

Configuration possibilities in detail

Settings are performed in the configuration file geomsearch.cfg, in the block [Backups].

  • MostRecentMaxBackups: Default value 2

    Backups are created ...

    • ... when updating the index via PARTadmin

    • ... when a reintegration of update files is started[38] in PLMsynchro

    • ... when a reintegration of update files is started by VBS script


      dim geoUtils = CreateObject("cnstools.geoindexutils")

    If the number exceeds the set value, the oldest backup is deleted.

    These backups are identified by the file extension .zip.

  • BeforeFailMaxBackups: Default value 2

    If there is a hint that the index is possibly defective, a backup of the current index is created (up to the number of set value).

    These backups can be identified by the file extension .zip.bak.

    If the number exceeds the set value, the two oldest backups are kept, as an error in the older index is presumably also contained in the newer one.

    As a hint for defectiveness the file size of the index is used. See key MinRatio.

  • BasePath=$CADENAS_DATA/index/backups

    Backups are stored under the stated path.

  • Catalogs=

    List of catalogs for which a backup shall be created (e.g. cat/test1,cat/test2)

  • MinRatio=0.9

    The ratio of old and new file size is automatically compared. If the value is smaller than 0.9 (default), the newly created index could be defective. (Of course the reason could also be a reduction of the version. So this should only be seen as a pointer and has to be manually checked.)

[38] During a PLMsysnchro run update files are created. These are reintegrated in the main index depending on the setting under geomsearch.cfg -> block [settings] -> key MaxSizeOfUpdateList). They are marked with a "u" in the file extension and found in the directory of the main index.