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Manual  Viewing condition for table rows - plinkgroups.cfg -> Block [Role_name] -> Key "TABRESTRICTION"

[Note] Note

Viewing condition for table rows is role dependent, so has to be defined for each role separately.

Function: Only datasets which meet the condition are displayed.

Setting in configuration file $CADENAS_SETUP/plinkgroups.cfg:

Block [<Role_name>], key "TABRESTRICTION"


[Note] Note

For this setting please use Fortran syntax.


Meaning: Thy ERP_PDM_NUMBER may not be blank.

Only those data records are displayed which contain an ERP/PDM number.

Setting in user interface under PARTadmin -> category Roles -> General tab -> Viewing condition for table rows

-> Effect in PARTdataManager:

Further examples:


    Only data records which are set to released in the active state column are displayed.

[Note] Note

The effect is comparable with Preferred ranges but here in contrary, it is restrictive. It cannot be cancelled by the user. Compare Section, “ Preferred ranges - plinkgroups.cfg -> Block [Role_name] -> Key "PREFRANGE" ”.