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Manual Create NX Macro for native placing strategy

A NX Macro for native placing strategy is created as follows:

  1. Set up working environment: Start Teamcenter, Start NX from Teamcenter, create new empty model, check, that "Assembly mode" is on.

  2. Start Macro recording NX: Tools->Macro-> Run recording...(or Strg+Shift+R)-> Enter Macro name->OK

  3. Record Macro: Assemblies->Components->Add component->Open->(Teamcenter Export menu is opened)->Insert Part number and Revision -> Select part in the result table->OK->(Teamcenter Export menu is closed)->Finish recording here.

  4. Adjust Macro: Open newly created Macro in Text Editor, then replace part number by <<CNS_ITEM_NUMBER>> and revision by <<CNS_ITEM_REV>> everywhere. E.g., if part selected in step 3 is named "002012/A", all "002012" shall be replaced with "<<CNS_ITEM_NUMBER>>" and all "A" (with exclamation mark!) replaced with "<<CNS_ITEM_REV>>" (also with exclamation mark) by Macro.

  5. Use Macro: Move Macro file into the folder %CADENAS_SOFTWARE%\iface\unigraphics\shared\macro; adjust ifugnx.cfg row "placementmacro(nx80,tcActive)" respectively.

    E.g. placementmacro(nx80,tcActive)=$CADENAS/iface/unigraphics/shared/macro/myTCmacro.macro for a "myTCmacro.macro" Macro file.

    [Note] Note

    "placementmacro(nx80,tcActive)" concerns NX 8 (with active Teamcenter connection). For other NX versions „nx80“ has to be adjusted accordingly.