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Manual  plinkcommon.cfg -> Block [Common] -> Key "CADENAS_PRESELECT_LINKDB_GROUP" - Role selection by environment variable

The role selection may be controlled by a system variable as well. The desired role is the automatically selected during registration process, regardless whether the user is configured as valid for this role, or whether he has more than one role available. (The configuration file plinkusers.cfg is irrelevant.)

Do the following:

  1. Set a system variable with any name. (For example with the key name CADENAS_PRESELECT_LINKDB_GROUP) and give it the desired value for the role.

  2. Set the key CADENAS_PRESELECT_LINKDB_GROUP onto the desired system variable.


[Note] Note

If the key has not been set, nothing happens. If the key is set, then nothing happens either.

Only once the content is in the environment value, the function will be carried out.