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Manual  "Protocol" tabbed page

Should there be displayed an error message in relation with licenses (during opening a part in PARTdataManager for example, see following figure), you can display a protocol, which will inform you about the type of error.

The protocol is also written, when there has not been displayed an error message yet.

Example: Error message

Example: Error message

--> You can inspect the protocol in the License administration on the Protocol tabbed page.

"Protocol" tabbed page

"Protocol" tabbed page


In order to determine an individual log level, select the desired option in the Loglevel section.

  • Off

  • Error

  • Warning

  • Information

  • Debug

  • All

  • Save protocol as...: ...saves the protocol as text file at any storage location. In order to correct license errors, this file can be analysed by the CADENAS support.

  • Delete protocol: ... removes the current protocol.

  • Update: ... sets the protocol to the current state.