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Manual  Direct Online linkage of LinkDB to ERP-DB
  • Initially only the material master number of the respective part (concerning ERP data) is inserted into the LinkDB

  • The required dataset will be drawn from ERP DB not until a user request in PARTsolutions.

  • PARTdataCenter is required for the initial filling.

  • Advantage: A complete dataset is always imported from the ERP DB in real time.

  • Disadvantage: Starting can take long with multi displayed parts.

The following figure shows an example of an inventory and/or price request.

  • The display of any usable information in PARTdataManager as an additional column is possible.

  • The direct online request as linkage method, is the most contemporary request possibility and the most effective in case of inventory request. The other linkage methods can certainly display the data as well.

  • The PARTsolutions user sees the important decision making fields.