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Manual Fill more fields in Solid Edge with PARTsolutions attributes

You want, for example to fill the additional field Manager in the file properties on the Info tabbed page in Solid Edge.

  1. From the table get the correct field name (see Section, “ Field names in Solid Edge”) and remember in which block it shows up (Manager shows up under DocumentSummaryInformation)

  2. Under PARTadmin -> Category -> Configuration files -> $CADENAS_SETUP -> ifsolidedge.cfg open the block DocumentSummaryInformation.

    Insert key

    Insert key

  3. Insert a key. In this example "Manager".

    Key "Manager": Value set

    Key "Manager": Value set

    Example 1:

    Enter a value. In the figure above


    was entered.

    This simple syntax can be used for simple text output

    The key name in PARTsolutions corresponds to the field description in Solid Edge. The key value is the output text in Solid Edge.

  4. Save the setting in PARTadmin.

  5. Export a part to Solid Edge.

    -> The Manager field is now completed.

    Insert key

    Insert key