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Manual Editing in Update manager
  1. In PARTlinkManager, via Extras -> Update manager, open the Update Manager (if not yet opened via "There were mapping problems in the LinkDB. Please correct these in the UpdateManager.").

  2. Click on Reload catalog and in the index tree, open the catalog structure of Bikecompany.

  3. On the left side, in the opened index tree (section Catalogs) you can see the following:

    1. 4 lines without any changes. They are displayed with the line icon .

    2. The lines "Piston 50" and "Piston ring 50" do not exist any longer .

    3. The project "Spoke" is completely removed .

  4. Deactivate Show mapped lines and activate Filter tree (hide everything without update information).

    -> Only those directories and projects are displayed, where assignments have to be edited.

  5. For the edition of assignments there are two basic options:

    1. Single editing of projects and characteristics

      On the left side, in the Catalogs section mark the characteristic to be edited (here in the example "Spoke 2".

      On the right side, in the section Line mapping click on Approve assignment or on Revoke assignment and save changes (in the case of a dataset marked as deleted the effect is the same).

      -> A confirmation message appears: "Line mapping successfully removed!"

      -> If you work with a filtered tree view the just edited characteristic disappears.

      -> If you work with an unfiltered tree view, then at the just edited characteristic the icon with the green checkmark is displayed.

    2. Confirmation on project level

      After selecting a project you can perform the confirmation for the project as a whole using Approve assignments and set new versions to released.

    3. Confirm everything at once

      Another workflow is to check the single characteristics at first and finally to confirm everything at once.

      Select the catalog directory and in the context menu click on the command Approve assignments and set new versions to released.

      [Note] Note

      In this example you have to check in detail. You can not approve all assignments in toto.

  6. Check single lines in this project:

    • At Piston 50 you can see under parameter (D / L), that no assignment is possible. -> Click on Revoke assignment and save changes.

    • Always pay attention on the values under Information -> Geometrical similarity.

      At piston 60 the parameters D and L are identical indeed, however, a geometrical deviation is signalized. In such cases open old and new version in Part comparison .

      The base geometry is identical. However, the new version has two piston rings. If this is the official successor version, confirm by clicking on Approve assignment , otherwise click on Revoke assignment and save changes .

  7. After a final confirmation on catalog level it looks like this in Update manager:

    Now the catalog directory, the single projects and the single characteristics show the green checkmark.

  8. Open PARTdataManager and select the catalog "Bikecompany".

    PARTdataManager catalog "Bikecompany" V2

    PARTdataManager catalog "Bikecompany" V2

  9. Open the project "Piston". (Compare Fig. „PARTdataManager: Current version "Piston" after update, but before editing through Update Manager“.)

    PARTdataManager: New version "Piston" after editing by Update Manager

    PARTdataManager: New version "Piston" after editing by Update Manager

    In the new version, the line "Piston 50" is missing and the line "Piston 100" has been added (can't have gotten an ERP number yet).

    At Piston 60 and 80 the status light is on green, because the specified role condition is met.

  10. Now open PARTlinkManager or in PARTlinkManager and click on the button Query in order to refresh the view.

    In the filter of column PSOL Project enter "bike*" in order to display only lines of "Bikecompany".

    Click on Hide old versions of parts.

    Active status and Requested status after editing in Update Manager

    Active status and Requested status after editing in Update Manager

    Now in the column Active status, there are 4 datasets of the new version showing "Released".

    • 3 datasets of project "Spoke" are cancelled.

    • At "Piston" one dataset is cancelled and the newly added one has not an ERP_PDM_NUMBER yet. The same applies for "Piston rings".