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Manual Complexity assessment

Of basic importance is the quality of the data!

Are the data placed separately into their corresponding fields? - Or are all core data found in one field and possibly even in different positions in each field?
With the help of regular expressions (see Section 1.4.4, “Regular expression ” in PARTwarehouse Manual) PARTdataCenter is able to filter data from a single string; however this results in higher efforts.
Is the notation consistent?
Separators, abbreviations, upper and lower case letters?
Should Variants be identified and imported as well?
This is associated with high complexity, but can be carried out in a time-saving progress using PARTdataCenter and regular expressions. (The higher the number of parts per project, the more effective is the effort)

Once the data are available inside the LinkDB with existing ERP_PDM_NUMBER, the data can easily be updated anytime and further attributes be added. On this see under Section 4.14.3, “Updating data ”.