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Manual Declare prefix for PARTsolutions attributes

In the following example, a key needs to be added in order to be able to apply a prefix to the PARTsolutions attributes.

[Note] Note

Both the standard attributes as well as the extra attributes (see Section, “Block [CadDocumentAttributes] - Transfer custom attributes ”) are given a prefix.

  1. Under PARTadmin -> Category -> PARTsolutions -> Configuration files -> $CADENAS_SETUP -> ifsolidworks.cfg open the block AttributeMapping(is3d).

    Insert key

    Insert key

  2. Insert a key (see also Section, “Editing blocks, keys and key values”).

    The key value is the prefix.

  3. Save the settings in PARTadmin.

  4. Export the part to SolidWorks.

    -> All PARTsolutions attributes now contain the prefix (in this example "CNS_").

    PARTsolutions attributes with prefix

    PARTsolutions attributes with prefix