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Manual Import a project into LINKDB – Assign ERP number

Open the directory tree via Tree on/off.

Import a project or an entire folder into the LINKDB with the 2nd mouse key.

[Caution] Caution

Without specific knowledge of the contents of a directory, you may unintentionally import a very large quantity of datasets.

Import this project in database:

In this case the geometric data are available first, but no ERP numbers have been assigned.

Assign ERP number :

Imported datasets are indicated in the LINKDB with a red color since contain no ERP numbers yet.

Mark dataset --> 2nd mouse key --> Assign ERP numbers

Either enter the required ERP number in the blank row

or click on Generate; whereupon a basic value with a variable shows up.

Freely selectable are:

  • start at

  • Stepping width

  • Number of places

You can choose the start, the stepping width and the number of locations to your own tastes.