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Manual  Edit row

Via this dialog you can edit data from the ERPTABLE and some data from the LINKTABLE (Active status, Requested status.[83].

To change one or all fields of a dataset, click on the Edit button in the PARTlinkManager.

[Important] Important

The Edit column must be set to "yes" in the PARTlinkManager!

[Note] Note

If more than one dataset has the same ERP number, these datasets are all equally affected by changes (edits).

Change the desired value.

Control in PARTdataManager

Load the part again; only then do the changes become visible.

[83] If you want to edit the geometries and/or create a variant, use the command Add dataset to link database (variant) (see Section 4.13.3, “Create variants in PARTdataManager ”) in the ERP toolbar of PARTdataManager or the context menu command Edit variant / Create variant in the PARTlinkManager (see Section, “ Edit variant ” / Section, “ Create variant ”).

Access to all data in the LINKTABLE and ERPTABLE can be reached with the extended function PARTdataManager -> ERP toolbar -> Edit/delete dataset (see ERP Symbolleiste).

Information about switching on the additional information can be found under Section 4.21.1, “ Load additional scripts - erpcustom.cfg -> Block [LOAD]”.