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Manual  Tabbed pages "Standard name", "Standard name (short)", "BOM name"

PARTlinkManager -> Extras menu -> Configure ERP environment -> dialog box Configure -> tabbed page Standard name | Standard name (short) | BOM name.

Example: Change of Standard name

Example: Change of Standard name

[Important] Important

Files names for the exported CAD document should be absolutely unique.

The entire CAD administration, including definition of name rule, is performed via CAD configuration files under $CADENAS_SETUP/if<cad name>.cfg.

Detailed information on CAD administration in general can be found under Chapter 2, PARTsolutions - CAD Integration - Administration. Detailed information on creating the file name in particular can be found under Section 2.2.2, “Set file name ("FileName" key) and pool path ("poolpath" key) ”.

By default, on the tabbed pages Standard name, Standard name (short) and BOM name NO entries should be performed or only in conjunction with Consulting! By default, in PARTdataManager, then in the 3D view, the default Standard name is displayed, the default BOM name over the table and in the docking window Bill of material the default BOM name as well.

The export settings under $CADENAS_SETUP/if<cad name>.cfg will be applied without change.

Part designation: 3D view -> Standard name [NB] | table -> BOM name [LINA] | docking window "Bill of material" -> "BOM name" [LINA]

Part designation: 3D view -> Standard name [NB] | table -> BOM name [LINA] | docking window "Bill of material" -> "BOM name" [LINA]

If the BOM name, in the dialog box Configure -> tabbed page BOM name (plinkcommon.cfg -> block [PARTdataManager] -> key LINA) is changed, then this change only affects the docking window Bill of material in the PARTdataManager.

The BOM name displayed over the table can only be changed via configuration file psolopt.cfg.

TABDESCRIPTION=$LINA. additional text Examples

Example 1:

If there is no entry on the tabbed page Standard name, the name is generated with the default Standard name [NB].

This would be according to:


Example 2: A condition is used.

If there is no ERP number available then the NB (Standard name) is created by default. Otherwise the ERP number is used.

Through the ERP_PDM_NUMBER uniqueness is ensured. The standard name provides a meaningful part in the file name.

NB = '$NB.'

Example 3:

If there are different strength, surfaces, etc. available for parts which are identic regarding their geometry then this can be considered in the naming rule.

E.g.: Creation of the file name by NB plus material.

NB=('$NB._$MAT_NAME.') Change NB via vbs scripting

If the options in the entry field do not suffice, you can generate a reference to a vbs script and work with complex conditions.

Calling the external script is performed via NB=TSCRIPT('nb.ruletable','$CALCED_ROW.','$NB.').

Set the entries under Standard name, Standard name (short) or BOM name.

Script call

Script call

An exemplary script "nb.ruletable" could look like the following. The called function's name is "ruletable" in this example.

function ruletable(table,calced_row,orgNB)
  if mmrow >= 0 then

    if pos = 1 then
    end if

    if tmp="DIN 912" then
    end if

    if tmp="DIN 2448" then
       result="DIN 2448"+"_"+table.rows.item(mmrow).resolvevariables
    end if

    if tmp="DIN 2576" then
    end if

    if pos >= 1 then
    end if

    pos=Instr(1,normbezeichnung,"EO EL L-Verschraubung mit Dichtkegel")
    if pos >= 1 then
    end if

       if tmp="DIN 7993-B 2" then
    end if

' *************************************************

    if result="" then
    end if

  end if
end function
[Note] Note

For self-created vbs files, a special license is required.

You can only use a script nb.vbs, if in PARTadmin; in configuration file plinkcommon.cfg, in the block [Common], the key NBMODULE is inserted and the value set to nb. Change NB according to project

If the NB is part of the naming rule the NB can be adjusted according to projects.

See Section, “Change standard descriptions according to project ”. Syntax

To define the Standard name and thus the CAD file name you can use IF conditions, Fortran syntax, constants and ERP variables (launch with '$Variablename.') to create names:

Fortran syntax:


eq ual


g reater t hen


g reater e qual


l ower t hen


l ower e qual


(both conditions - right and left of .AND. - must be filled)


(one of both conditions - right and/or left of .OR. - must be filled)


n ot e qual




Current date


Current language


Project version


Values of all value range variables


Values of all value range variables with name


Values of all value range variables that can be changed by the user, i.e. are not locked (see common.cfg - LockDimRange=0/1)


Changeable values with name


Name of catalog


Visible name of catalog (in current language)


Short standard description


Name of the registered CAD system (if more than one are registered, separate by comma)


The row number currently being calculated


Standard name


BOM name


For DIN 912 z.B. $d.x$L. (only for standard parts, not catalogs)

Any ERP field

Activate as all constants via $xy.