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Manual  Tabbed pages "Standard name", "Standard name (short)", "BOM name"
[Important] Important

Files names for the exported CAD document should be absolutely unique.

The entire CAD administration, including definition of name rule, is performed via CAD configuration files under $CADENAS_SETUP/if<cad name>.cfg.

Detailed information on CAD administration in general can be found under Chapter 2, PARTsolutions - CAD Integration - Administration. Detailed information on creating the file name in particular can be found under Section 2.2.2, “Set file name ("FileName" key) and pool path ("poolpath" key) ”.

By default, on the tabbed pages Standard name, Standard name (short) and BOM name, NO entries are performed! Then in PARTdataManager, in the 3D view, the standard NB and in the table docking window the standard LINA is displayed and the setting under $CADENAS_SETUP/if<cad name>.cfg is used unchanged.

Part name

Part name

If entries have been performed on the tabbed pages Standard name, Standard name (short) and BOM name, then will change the NB! This again effects the setting under $CADENAS_SETUP/if<cad name>.cfg and so the CAD file name!!

[Note] Note

The same tabbed pages can be found in PARTadmin (there role-dependently, here role-independently).

The syntax is the same. Details on this can be found under PARTadmin. See Section, “Tabbed pages Standard name , Standard name (short) , BOM name ”.