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Manual Block [AttributeMapping(3D)] - Set attribute language

Under Attr_CopyFrom_00 set the desired language. The keys Attr_Content_00 and Attr_Section_00 remain unchanged.

  • default: The attributes are exported in the $CADENAS_LANGUAGE.

  • Assign language (german, english, french, etc.): The standard attributes are exported in the indicated language.

    [Note] Note

    If there is no translation for the indicated language of the attribute, no attribute is exported (not even from the $CADENAS_LANGUAGE language).

    For copying attributes the parameters var_exclude and var_visbile=1 can be used. var_visible=1: (default) - tells the interface that only visible attributes have to be processed.

    With „var_exclude“ you can assign certain attributes to an "Ignore" list.


    • Attr_CopyFrom_01=default,var_exclude=A,var_visbile=1

      The variable A is explicitly set to the ignore list.

    • Attr_CopyFrom_01(isCatalog(norm))=default,var_exclude=D,var_visbile=1

      Here, the expression is only applied to the standards catalog.

  • No entry: No standard attributes are exported. (In order to explicitly export specific attributes, please see the information in the following sections.)

In SolidWorks these are displayed under File information on the user-defined tabbed page as standard attributes.

"File information" -> tabbed page "User-defined"

"File information" -> tabbed page "User-defined"