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Manual  Updates of ERP search index

The AppServer knows all changes to the database so that it can react with updates of the LinkDB search index or client notifications at project changes and/or role changes.

If the option Catalog browsing and search with AppServer is chosen (meaning not Catalog browsing, search and database with AppServer automatic updates of the LinkDB search index work anyway. This is possible, because a "Task" can be configured on the AppServer, which continuously updates the LinkDB search index (with the help of LOGTABLE information).

An older concept (up to V9.08) is using the script nightupdate_erp.vbb for index updates. It ensures that the ERPTABLE is integrated into the full-text search index (=Lucene index). (Optionally, can also be used in V10.) (Details can be found in the script itself.) The advantage of the AppServer solution is that only those parts of the LinkDB search index are updated, where data has been changed. If there are no special causes the nightupdate_erp.vbb is not needed in V10 anymore.


  • DBSearchIndexTask:

    • Task interval for updating the ERP search index. The Task checks the LOGTABLE whether there are new entries available. If yes, the ERP search index is updated

    • If the value is set, then after a catalog update the search index is automatically updated.

      If you do not want an automatism at this place, but initiate it manually, then do the following:

      1. Remove the value "DBSearchIndexTask" from the key "Tasks".

      2. plinkcommon.cfg -> key UPDATESEARCHINDEX

        Set the value on 1.

        -> Now, when starting the catalog update a message is displayed, whether you want the ERP search index to be updated automatically after the installation.

        Do you want to update the ERP search indexes automatically after installation?

        Do you want to update the ERP search indexes automatically after installation?

      On this also see Section 4.17.9, “ Update full-text search index / plinkcommon.cfg -> Block [Common] -> Key "UPDATESEARCHINDEX" ”.

  • DBClearLogTask: Task interval for clearing the LOGTABLE. This Task deletes all entries from LOGTABLE.

Detailed information can be found in the following section.