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Manual Basic settings
  • In order for the ERP information to be queried, a valid database login for the link database (LINKDB) is mandatory and ERP has to be activated in the configuration file (see plinkcommon.cfg, section [PARTdataManager], key ERPenabled=1).

    Preferably use a database login, which contains access rights for all users (writing permission is not needed), otherwise the ERP information cannot be read by all ERP users and roles.

  • In the configuration file partconnection.cfg, in the section [PARTconnection] you can determine the storage path for user-owned and user-spanning connections.

    This point does not explicitly concerns scripting, but also the standard setting without ERP use.


    GlobalConnectionsPath: The desired users should get writing permission for the global path by Windows rights. Users without rights receive a respective error message.

  • In the configuration file partconnection.cfg, section [PARTconnection], key StorageFilePath you can determine the storage location of the pre-calculation file.

  • With existing ERP integration, in the configuration file erpcustom.cfg the path to the file erp_pcon.vbb has to be commented in at the first position.