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Manual Function overview


Call the Index administration via Start -> Programs -> CADENAS -> PARTsolutions -> PARTadmin.

Within PARTadmin select Category Index administration.

Basic function

  • In order for the PARTsolutions module PARTdataManager to be able to find and display individual parts, the directory and/or file pointers are necessary.

  • These pointers, in the form of search index files are pre-generated for catalog delivery.

  • The visible result is the directory tree in the PARTdataManager (see following figure).

[Note] Note

The following explanations correspond to the functionality in Admin mode.

Information about index administration in user mode can be found under Section, “ Index administration at the client computer and/or in user mode ”.

When the Index administration is needed?

After specific changes within PARTsolutions:

  • Index updates (Full-text search index, Geometrical search index, LinkDB search index)

    In a new installation of standard and supplier catalogs indices are already created.

    [Note] Note

    When updating the software it is recommended to update the indices as well, in order to get full search functionality.

  • The storage location of the library directory (%CADENAS_DATA%) has been changed

  • Drives have been changed

  • Project file directories have been moved

  • Newly applied catalogs or catalog elements should be inserted into the directory tree.

  • Not (or no longer) needed components should be hidden in the directory tree.

  • Older versions of newly installed and/or changed catalogs should be deleted or original files (backup files) should be created from current catalogs.

  • Catalogs should be uninstalled.

  • Some other functions (see context menu commands in particular)

Important information

  • Language selection

    The search index is created for all available catalog languages. A language selection is not required.

  • Full-text search

    Per catalog only one full-text search index exists that manages all languages in a file.

  • Pre-generated index

    Normally delivered catalogs contain a pre-generated index for the Full-text search and the Geometric Search.

  • No interruption of work

    During updates of indices no running applications have to be closed.

  • Progress display for index updating

    The executed actions run in the background and are processed in a list. In other words, you can start several actions successively.

  • At start of PARTdataManager it is checked whether all indices are available and free of errors. If not, a respective message is displayed.

    Message "Missing search indexes" in PARTdataManager

    Message "Missing search indexes" in PARTdataManager