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Manual Conversions from Creo to "STEP" format

In order for conversion from Creo to STEP format (e.g. in PLM Synchro) to work properly, some things have to be payed attention to.

With wrong settings holes, for example, are not correctly converted and then are not selectable (e.g. in Partial search).

PRT (CREO PARAMETRIC) part with holes

PRT (CREO PARAMETRIC) part with holes

PARTdataManager: Holes not visible

PARTdataManager: Holes not visible

If all settings are made as described in following notes, the individual features will be correctly converted.

PARTdataManager: Holes correct

PARTdataManager: Holes correct

  • For versions < V11 SP8 the Conversion path has to be adjusted:


    Example PLM Synchro: Node Editor > Conversion path

    Example PLM Synchro: Node Editor > Conversion path

    V11SP4, for example still has a wrong Conversion path:


    In this case (;ExportTopoFeatures=1)has to be added.

  • The STEP Export Profile Settings have to be correctly set in Creo and the export profile has to be correctly entered in the config.pro file.

    1. Call the dialog STEP Export Profile Settings via "File > Save As (Type=STEP) > Options.

    2. Under Application protocol, choose the option "ap214_is" and deactivate the option Hidden entities.

    3. Click on Save Profile....

      -> The dialog box Save export profile is opened.

    4. Save the file def_profile.dep_step to any location by clicking on Save (e.g. under C:\Test).

    5. Add the following line with the appropriate path statement in the config.pro file.

      export_profiles_step C:\Test\def_profile

      The filename has to be entered without file extension.

    6. In the case of PLM Synchro, for example, the run can now be performed.

    [Note] Note

    This described procedure should work for all versions as of Creo 4.