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Manual Connection of external departments (HomeOffice)


If a PARTsolutions client which normally is inside the central network, is started via Internet connection in external departments (HomeOffice), loading of required data possibly takes several minutes, which is due to the fact that it's about 1GB data (configuration files, scripts, etc.).


Increased performance in external departments (HomeOffice) can be achieved by storing $CADENAS (software) and $CADENAS_SETUP (configuration files, scripts, etc.) locally. $CADENAS_SITESETUP (it includes the modified files of $CADENAS_SETUP) may remain on the server and can be synchronized (client and server should have the same time) via the Site-Setup-Sync function (see Section, “ Site-Setup-Sync ”) or alternatively e.g. with the help of an external program such as Robocopy.

PARTadmin -> Category "PARTsolutions" -> AppServer Service -> Site-Setup-Sync

PARTadmin -> Category "PARTsolutions" -> AppServer Service -> Site-Setup-Sync