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Manual Tabbed page "PARTdataManager preferences"

Configure dialog box

Configure dialog box  Login mode

PARTlinkManager -> Extras menu -> Configure ERP environment -> Configure dialog box -> PARTdataManager preferences tabbed page -> section Login mode

In the sectionLogin mode you can find the following setting options:

  • Activate ERP (PARTdataManager): ...has to be checked in order to be able to work with the ERP integration in PARTdataManager.

  • Activate ERP (PARTproject):

    Activation of the ERP menu in PARTproject.

  • Login at start of program: PARTdataManager does not open until you logged in (Login dialog box).

  • Lock tables without login: ....means that it is necessary to be logged in to be able to work with PARTdataManager. When the option is deactivated, then PARTdataManager can be used without ERP connection.

  • Assign linked parts in the parts selection:

    • Activated:

      Parts (and their superordinated directories), which have a link in the LinkDB, are marked in green. The other folders and projects are marked in red .

    • Deactivated:

      If this option is deactivated, then an unicolored index tree is displayed.

      "Assign linked parts in the parts selection" deactivated: Result in PARTdataManager:

      "Assign linked parts in the parts selection" deactivated: Result in PARTdataManager:

    Details on the setting options for the index tree are found under Section, “ Tabbed page "General" ” und Section, “Tabbed page "Display" ”.  e-mail notification

Template file: The recipient receives a pre-configured email. The template is found under:

\\cadenas \ partsolutions\ software \ setup \ linkdbtemplate_german.html.

Receiver: Is automatically inserted, as soon the adjoining window is called by Request ERP number per e-mail button:

Subject line: ....refers to the subject line of the sent email.

Mail server : Mail server, which is responsible for the email delivery