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Manual Editing blocks, keys and key values

In the middle dialog area you can access blocks, keys and values.

Via context menu command, you can add blocks and keys and duplicate keys. These commands are found in all main directories ($CADEANAS_USER, $CADENAS_SETUP,$CADENAS_DATA/datasetup). Under $CADENAS_DEFAULTUSER you can find further extra commands [see Section, “Additional functions in $CADEANS_DEFAULTUSER ”]).

[Note] Note

Depending on the context the displayed commands will change.

  • At blocks added by you yourself "Duplicate blocks" and "Delete blocks" for example.

  • At standard blocks only "Duplicate blocks".

Context menu commands on configuration file

With a right-click on a configuration file, open the context menu.

Context menu commands on block

With a right-click on a block, open the context menu.

  • Add key

Context menu commands on key

With a right-click on a key, open the context menu.

  • Duplicate key

    The command duplicates the respective key with a new name, which is build in the following way:

    Old name + underscore + counter

    The new key is added as last key below the listing.

    Perform a double-click on the key name and adjust the name accordingly.

  • Delete key

    [Note] Note

    If the key has been created by duplication, it can be deleted again, otherwise this context menu command is not available.

  • Activate key / Deactivate key

    See Section, “ Activate key / Deactivate key ”.

Context menu command on key value

With right-click on a key value, open the context menu.

The same commands as on the key itself are displayed.