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1.9.1. Request parts via e-mail - Part information (Mident) attached as ".psmid" file (9.03)

Request release for parts, which are locked for the export, directly from PARTdataManager via e-mail.

By clicking on the button Request ERP number per e-mail the dialog box Send e-mail opens and the identifying information is already entered. Sent the e-mail directly to the standardization department for example.

Request dialog

Request dialog

As of V9.03 a ".psmid" file is added as attachment. By double-clicking this file PARTdataManager opens with the respective project and line.

The e-mail contains all important information on the part.

The last line contains a batch command by which the part could also be opened in PARTdataManager.

Sample e-mail

Sample e-mail

After a standard installation the needed files for this feature are found in the directory under $CADENAS_SETUP/scripts/....

  • $CADENAS_SETUP/scripts/erp/erpcustommail.vbb: This vbb-file generates a ".psmid" file, which is added as e-mail attachment.

    (At V8.1 .cip attachments have been generated)

    By double-clicking the ".psmid" file PARTdataManager opens with the correct line.

  • $CADENAS_SETUP/scripts/common/openpsmid.vbb: This vbb file opens ".psmid" attachments in PARTdataManager.

  • $CADENAS_SETUP/scripts/common/openpsmid.reg: Registers the file extension .psmid in the windows registry in the course of the PARTsolutions installation. (The file can also be executed anytime later.)

In the plinkcommon.cfg the following entry is set by default: