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Manual  Before the catalog installation Check and Compare

[Note] Note

Check or Compare is only possible BEFORE the installation.

No installation takes place!

If, under Catalog update -> Online, you deactivated the option Install after download, then the downloaded catalogs are found in the temporary Download directory.

Do the following:

  1. Click on Open.

    -> Now select as many of the saved *.cip files as you wish in the Explorer window.

    These are then shown in the Catalogs dialog area.

  2. Under Versions [a], select one of these options:

    [a] You can find the settings option both in the Offline variant and in the Online variant.

    • Keep all

      Optionally and not absolutely necessary.

      For example, you can also select “Number of versions >=2“

    • Only keep the new version

      Not recommended

    • Number of versions [2] (Default)

      Please regard to set a value of 2 or higher.

      Especially for updates with LinkDB connection this is urgently recommended.[7]

    Optionally activate Save original files of new version.

    More details can be found under Section, “ Catalog versions ”.

  3. Check (or Compare; see next point)

    When clicking on Check the same-named dialog box opens.

    You have the following options available:

    • Check CIP file

      Checks CIP file for errors. Additionally lists new, deleted or changed projects.

      After clicking on the button a test run takes place that gives an overview about which part families are new or have been changed and which are no longer available in the new catalog (tabs Protocol and Status).

      After the test run has finished, for example, the following message is displayed.

      Tabbed page "Protocol"

      Tabbed page "Protocol"

      On the Status tabbed page you can find an exact list of the status of individual projects.

      The table to the right explains the meaning of the symbols.








      3D view


      First appearance


      New version


      Same version

      Tabbed page "Status"

      Tabbed page "Status"

    • Log renamed variables

      On the tabbed page Protocol all variables are listed which have been renamed or deleted since the last installation of the catalog.

    • Simulate ERP update

      [Note] Note

      This option is only relevant with existing ERP integration.

      Simulates CIP installation and ERP number update. Does not change the DB or installation.

      If you want to check parts which are already assembled in CAD (have an ERP number) and whose geometry has been changed, use the option Simulate ERP update.

      The dialog area ERP Status contains the tabbed pages Status log, Tabular Compare and 3D comparison.

      On the tabbed page Status log all LinkDB-projects are listed with old, new path and old, new NB and geometrical similarity.

      For questionable parts you can check the relevance of geometrical changes in the tabular and 3D comparison.

      1. Select the tabbed page ERP Status.

      2. When selecting a row on the tabbed page Status log now, the respective part is loaded under Tabular Compare and 3D comparison.

        [Tip] Tip

        You can position the dialog boxes Tabular Compare and 3D comparison as desired.

  4. Compare (optional)

    By clicking on Compare, the Catalog comparison page opens. You have two selection options

    • Quick comparison

      Compares the catalog data and displays the various projects.

    • Detailed comparison

      Compares the catalog data and displays the various projects, including images and historical data.

    Catalog comparison

    Catalog comparison

    Catalog comparison Catalog comparison

    Catalog comparison

    Under Installed catalog and Compressed catalog old and new versions are placed face-to-face. For each selection your receive detailed information regarding changes on the tab pages Project, History and Table.

    Expand all
    Collapse all
    Display of the orphaned projects (only available on a compared page; blue font color and symbols)
    Show different projects (geometry or table)
    Show equivalent projects
    Show only projects with ERP number
    Show only projects without ERP number

    Gray font color: older

    Red font color: newer

    Blue font color: only available on one page

[7] This setting is needed when replicating CADENAS_DATA from one to another location.