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Manual  Configuration file nightupdate.cfg

The configuration file nightupdate.cfg is a Consulting tool.

Special license needed (PSDEV*PIDENT)

Support only through CADENAS consulting team

You can transfer any information from third party systems to PARTsolutions (with ERP integration) into the link database cyclically.

This config will be used during the nightupdate of ERP data.

Setup a scheduled task/cronjob with this command:

"%cadenas%\bin\x86\32\cscripthost.exe" "%cadenas_setup%\scripts\erp\nightupdate.vbb"

In the following you can find details on the single blocks and keys.

[Note] Note

Please also regard notes in the script file nightupdate.vbb.

[Note] Note

Update search index

On the update of the search index, you can find information under Section, “More information” -> "Automatic index update".

An obsolete concept is updating by scripting via $CADENAS_SETUP/scripts/erp/nightupdate_erp.vbb. Detailed information on this is found in the script file itself.