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Manual  "Checkouts" tabbed page

On the Checkouts tabbed page you can administratively determine, whether a user may check out Floating licenses. The checkout happens in the respective module under ? menu -> Licenses (F9) -> tabbed page Checkout. See Section, “"Checkout" tabbed page”.

Thereby the amount of available Floating licenses is reduced for the before determined time period. Then the checked out license can be used on the respective computer up to the end of the checkout period. On the license server the license is blocked until the defined checkout period ends.

So a Floating license can be used as quasi "nodelocked" in a certain time period (on a journey for example).

The right to checkout Floating licenses can optionally be restricted for single users.

"Checkouts" tabbed page

"Checkouts" tabbed page

In the following the procedure is described:

  1. Allow users to check out licenses

    If you want to allow users checkout, then activate the feature via checkbox.

    Now under ?-menu -> Licenses -> dialog box PARTsolutions License information for module xy the tabbed page Checkout is activated (otherwise deactivated/grayed out). On this see under Section, “"Checkout" tabbed page”.

  2. Restrict the checkout time to x days:

    Define the desired amount of days.

    [Note] Note

    During checkout the user is allowed to define an earlier expiry date alternatively.

  3. Specify users...

    If you activate the option, you have to specify in addition, which users are allowed to use this feature.

    Therefor click on the button Specify users....

    -> The dialog box Specify user list... opens.

    Specify user list...

    Specify user list...

    At the desired users activate the checkbox or click on Select all (Clear all).

  4. When everything is set up correctly, click on Save....



Display in the section "Active checkouts" after a checkout in the module:

Once a user performed a checkout in any module via ? menu -> Licenses -> dialog box PARTsolutions License information for module xy -> tabbed page Checkout, the respective computer name is displayed in the dialog area Active checkouts.

Furthermore you can see the amount of license products, the beginning and end of checkout period and the respective user, identified by his login name.

Via double-click on the computer name all licenses reserved by this computer are displayed.

Computer list in the dialog area "Active checkouts"

Computer list in the dialog area "Active checkouts"