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4.2.4. Create database scheme and users for ERP (exemplified by MSSQL)

In the following the creation of the database scheme and the user "erpuser" is explained:[70]

  1. Configuration of the SQL-Server Connection

  2. Create the Database: Right-click ‘Databases’ -> ‘New Database’

  3. -> The dialog box New database opens. Enter the desired Database name and click on „Add“ and then on OK.

  4. Select the created database and click on New Query.

  5. Now you need the database script for creation of the database structure from the installation CD (tools\databases\MSSQL\erp_install_mssql.sql).

    Copy the content into the empty query field using Copy&Paste and in addition, at the beginning, add the following:

    USE [datenbankname]

    Click on Execute.

  6. Now open a new query and create the user "erpuser" by the following script:

    As a template, you can use the script plinkdb_reuse.sql (under tools\databases\MSSQL).

    [Caution] Caution

    Adjust the database name!

    Click on Execute.

    -> Now the database tables and users should be available.

  7. Finally you have to allocate the desired rights for the user "erpuser": Right-click on „erpuser“ -> "Properties".

  8. In the dialog box "Database User - <user_name>" define the desired memberships for the respective user and finally confirm with OK.

[70] Here exemplified by MSSQL Use the provided script for your database type (see Section, “Installations script ”) and adjust it accordingly.